Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

I bought a refurb one of these in 2011 for $139.00 to replace the Verizon landline that was costing me $40 per month.

The calls are clear, even overseas. After the initial outlay, there are no hidden costs if you read the fine print. I only learned after being charged the first month that it automatically enrolled me in the premium service. One phone call and I opted out with ease.

There were two occasions since 2011 that I needed to contact customer service. Once was when I wanted to opt out the other when more recently. The first time was a nightmare. I could not understand the employee and could not easily get him to understand me. He was very nice, but it was frustrating. The recent contact, the tech was professional, efficient, friendly and things were resolved favorably. In fact, they were very generous.

And… their iPhone app alone is worth the service charge. It has been fantastic for me. I spend a lot of time overseas and calling the states from Europe is a local call!

All it all, it was a great investment for me.