Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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if you do choose to cancel your land line and go with this, what will your phone number be?

Is this better than Magicjack? This is more expensive.

We’ve had our Ooma for a little over a month now, and we love it. We switched to get better call quality than Skype. (And we did.)

They do charge $10/month for their premier service if you wants things like voicemail forwarded to your email.

The option to get a new number at no charge or keep your current phone number (one-time porting fee of $39.99 - if available to port)

I bought one of these last time around. Fantastic is all I can say. My bill each month is under $3.50. This is for the taxes that you must pay, but $0 for local and long distance.

You can port your number with Ooma. I believe it takes 2-3 months to go through. We use it at home and love it. Cost each month (in CA) is only for taxes and comes out to a little over $3

I’ve had one of these for about 8 months. You still have pay local taxes every month, but its not much (I pay a whopping $3.47 a month). Haven’t had any problems with the service at all. Their premium service has some awesome call blocking features to thwart telemarketers as well. Very good buy at this price.

If your Ooma experience will be anything like mine was, you’ll thank me for telling you to to not buy one and instead get an OBi110 that integrates perfectly with Google Voice (and has zero monthly fees… for now).

Ooma works with the computer off, and you pay nothing per month (unless it’s the premier service) except for the government fees.

Got it from Costco for over $200. So far, after 3 month of use, decent. Voice call is fine. Setup is okay, require some work (to determine to put it behind the router or in front of it), and the fax is a hit & miss. Some of the faxes are received while others never made it (even though my all-in-one said it went through).

I say if voice is most important, go for it. But if fax is vital, then be aware.

Oh, it is not free. I pay about $3 and change per month for taxes.

I have one. I paid $200 for it and it’s worth every penny.

We initially had some voice quality issues but it was resolved when I connected it directly to my router with QoS turned on. Before, it was connected to a switch connected to the router and maybe that confused QoS setting. I don’t know.

Faxing with it has been iffy but browsing the website, I learned that adding *99 prefix to a fax number should make it better. I haven’t had to try it yet since I don’t use fax very often.

Our Ooma works with our alarm system, although the website says it’s not compatible. The alarm technician talked us into upgrading our control unit but I don’t know if we were just upsold or whether that was actually necessary. We didn’t pay anything extra as we were on month-to-month at that point so the price of a new control unit was waived with a contract.

All in all, it’s a great little system. I think it has google voice integration and other host of features, but since it works so well as is, I’m not particularly motivated to tinker with it and therefore not all that familiar with the full set of benefits. But why look around when I’m perfectly happy with what it offers?

I’m sure there’ll be some discussion about this Ooma system and magic jack and similar systems. They are all pretty similar but have enough variations. Ooma is for someone looking for the old POTS experience, something you set up once and have it work transparently with highest compatibility with fax and alarms. Magic Jack would be fine for someone in a dorm or a small apartment who has a computer on fulltime downloading bittorrent files or whatever. You just get what works for you. There’s no better or worse in the absolute sense.

We switched from Vonage and haven’t looked back. $15 for premiere sure beats the $35 we were paying Vonage (that’s $10 worth of fees each month).

The only thing I miss with Ooma is not being able to have calls ring on Ooma before forwarding to another number. It’s either ring all, forward without ringing on Ooma or forward on network outage.

Although Ooma is designed to work alongside your landline it can also be used without a landline. Hooking it up to my router and plugging in my cordless phone’s base station took less than 5 minutes. After setup online I was making calls within 10 minutes. I am using the first generation Ooma and I choose not to pay for any advanced features. So for me after the initial investment I will never have to pay another penny for local or long distance calls. After using the Ooma for a few years I can honestly say that I have NEVER had any problems or issues with it. Probably one of the smartest purchases I have ever made.

Got one last time it was on Woot and it’s probably one of the best recent purchases I’ve made.

As someone mentioned earlier, you can port your number for 40 bucks, but it doesn’t take the 2-3 months claimed, mine took 8 days. There’s a federal law requiring your current carrier to comply within a very short period of time to a porting request (24-72 hours I think).

Premier service is available for $10 a month, I don’t bother with it, some may want it. When you sign up you get 60 days premiere for free to test it out.

Otherwise it’s only mandatory government taxes per month, I pay less than $3.50 a month for phone service. As far as I’m concerned Ooma has already paid for itself since I cancelled my $35/month voice plan I was on.

Also voicemail is available not just via the Ooma box, but online as well which is pretty cool.

If you have multiple phone jacks, you only need ONE Ooma. Also the main distinction between this and magic jack, as far as I can tell, is that Magic Jack requires you to have your computer on 24/7, Ooma does not. If there’s a power failure or internet failure, you won’t be able to make or receive calls.

Definitely recommend getting one.

yes, ooma/telo is the real deal. Got one last woot and ditched Vonage, never looked back. Call quality is great, no hiccups whatesoever, and bill is like $3.47 a month as advertised. We even ditched cable internet in favor of Clear (wimax) and call quality is still fab. Great purchase.

Got ours from Costco for only $199.99 with the Bluetooth adapter…better value at Costco due to the full warranty and the 90 day return policy, in case the service isn’t up to par in your area.

I own one of these from a previous woot, and I love it. The service is great I have never had an issue.

For me it only costs $3.87 a month.

It replaced my primary line and I was able to port the number over very easily.

It certainly is a solid product and service that I can recommend from first hand experience for over 5 months.

for those of you worried about bandwidth I have a meter on my router that measures the Inbound/Outbound total bandwidth and during the call there is a spike of about 350Kbps to connect then it levels out at about 100-200Kbps there are a few spikes now and then but noting more than 400. I normally use this on Fios 25/25 but i brought it to my Dad’s house to test it on his > 1Mbps dsl connection and it still worked great.

I have only had a delayed connection twice and both times it was to a cell phone with bad service.

I highly recommend this I might even get another for my dad its that good.

Last time Woot had these, they sold out. I didn’t check Woot until 10PM that time.

I got two, one for me and one for my mom. When i couldn’t get an Ooma, I bought a NetTalk instead. The NetTalk has many problems, I hope the Ooma is better.