Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

I’ll add my experience to the positive reviews. I got one of these from Woot about a year ago, I left Vonage and I couldn’t be happier. $3.53 a month for call quality that’s as good or better than I got from Vonage. The cheapest Vonage plan is about $20 per month with fees and taxes so this purchase already paid for itself. Ported my number, too - only took about 2 weeks to get it. I don’t have a fax machine so I can’t speak to its fax performance. But for simple voice calling it’s the real deal and highly recommended.

If you are interested in Ooma service, I suggest seeking out the older Hub over the Telo. With the Telo, you have to pay the taxes ($3-4/month for most), but the Hub has no charges, ever.

We got the original Ooma Core Hub back in 2009.

No More Phone Bills! EVER.

It’s paid for itself($250) many times over!
Still works beautifully every day.
Go Ooma!

I have the previous version and the sound quality is fantastic – even better than our regular landline. Everything works as it should and setup took only a few minutes.

The biggest issue with all these VoIP services (telephony through the Internet) is that the Internet has to be available. Although we Manhattanites (NYC) generally have reliable and consistent Internet coverage (i.e. no floods, hurricanes or earthquakes), street repairs knocked out my access yesterday and today for about 1-2 hrs each day. And I suffered massive withdrawal. So as long as you have reliable Internet, this is a good option.

What is the difference between this model and a “ooma Hub VoIP Home Phone Service” which as solder at a cheaper price?

Here: http://www.frys-electronics-ads.com/ads/2011/04/01/52894/Ooma-Free-Home-Phone-Service

Also got one last time on woot. I leave it in my network cabinet out of sight and set the OOMA answering machine rings to 6. It feeds my Panasonic DECT 6.0 cordless system with built in answering machine set to pick up at 4 rings.
I pay for the upgraded service just for the “blacklist” feature to keep the knucklehead telemarkers from calling back.

It works great.

The only thing that annoys me is that automatic email notification is part of their Premium plan. With MagicJack, I was sent an email with the voice file every time someone left a message. With Ooma, that only happens with the Premium service. Otherwise, you have to log on and manually download the file. I’m involved in several legal issues, and retaining these messages are important to me.

I used a Magic Jack for about 1.5 years and while the voice quality was pretty bad I rarely used the phone (and my computer was always on anyway) so it didn’t matter. I stayed with Magic Jack until they forced the screen saver / monitor power saver to be disabled. They claimed this was because when the computer went to sleep it caused problems with the phone being answered. I tried to explain to them that I understood that and I wasn’t setting the computer to go to sleep (or hibernate) but only the monitor. They wouldn’t budge and I personally think it’s because they want their horrible ads to pop up all the time.

Anyway I jumped over to Ooma around Christmas of 2009 and I have been 100% happy with it! My setup has the Ooma device behind the router since the Ooma’s QOS settings gave too much bandwidth to the Ooma. After that was set up it’s worked perfectly.

I use Google voice with this but I do not have the premium package. Basically I set the Ooma answering machine to pick up after 99 seconds so when someone calls in using my Google voice number, Google’s voice mail will pick it up instead of Ooma and send me an email transcript of the message. Setting this up this way you will either have to dial out on the computer or call your Google voice number and use option 2 to have your Google voice number appear on the receiver’s caller ID.

There is a lot of information online about this, but really if you use this phone a lot and want to use Google voice, signing up for the premier service might be something to consider.

A lot of people ask me about the difference between MagicJack and this.

  • MagicJack requires that your computer be on to receive and make calls. Ooma is a standalone device, and no computer is needed. Just think of Ooma as a minicomputer that exists for the singular purpose of telephony.
  • if you leave your computer on just for MagicJack, there is significant wear on the hard drive and waste of electricity. But if your computer is always on anyway, i.e. as a server, then it’s not an issue
  • Magicjack was great, but I gave it up because I do A LOT of mutlitasking, and have high bandwidth use for other apps. That resulted in VERY choppy calls. If your computer is not doing much else, MagicJack has very good voice quality, comparable to Oooma (althoguh Ooma claims to use something called HD Voice which doubles available frequencies)
  • Ooma is a one-time investment (if you don’t need the Premoium services) whereas MagicJack has a low monthly/yearly fee.

I have both a MagicJack and Ooma. I can call anywhere with my Ooma, but when I try to call family in Wisconsin MagicJack gives me a recorded message saying that they do not have an agreement with the phone companies in this area so the phone call cannot be completed.

Also Ooma takes hardly any bandwidth for great reception. I can’t be doing anything on the internet if I am using the MagicJack.

Needless to say the MagicJack will not be renewed.

Current Vonage bill = $26.50 mth
Ooma = $145 + $4 mth

Should pay for itself by Christmas!!!

I’m in.

A lot of people are concerned that Ooma can go bankrupt at any time. This is a concern because studies show that more and more people are giving up landlines in favor of cellular service. I wouldn’t worry. The minimum monthly phone bill is about $40 for us NYers (we have to pay that much monthly even without making any calls … all those damn unexplained surcharges!). At that rate, you’d make up the cost of this Ooma in about 3-4 months. So even if Ooma goes belly up in 4 months, you end up spending nothing. And I think it’s safe to assume that Ooma will be around for at least several more years.

You can port your phone number to Ooma. Took about two weeks for mine to port.

Just one more positive voice:

I’ve used this model for quite a while now.

I ported over my # (maybe 8 or 10 day wait)
and never looked back at my landline.

Voice quality is very good.
Honestly, I wish I made more long distance calls…
I’d be getting even better value.

Big thumbs up.

p.s. I only took the leap because Costco was
standing behind it (they even made a promo
video for Costco.com)

This is a no brainer. Great product. Voice quality for me is crystal clear, even better than the voice over FiOS which this replaced.

Ooma Telo VoIP…what? is this even English? is it even a human language?

Great buy, works great. Purchased from Woot, and 100% satisfied. Ooma’s customer service is fantastic.

Been using our Ooma service for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. We have the premiere service so we can block numbers we don’t want (eg: telemarketers) plus a bunch of other features. Even with the yearly fee and monthly govt. taxes, it’s still a lot cheaper than our old telco and we didn’t have any features with them.

Porting took about 2 weeks to complete and the call quality is great. We use it with the Ooma handset which isn’t a great phone but it serves it’s purpose and allows access to Ooma features. The web interface is not too bad. It can be a little slow sometimes but no big deal. You can configure your service there, listen to voicemails and save them to your HD if you want and configure blocking, etc.

Overall I would give Ooma, it’s service and it’s equipment 4 out of 5 stars.

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Does anyone know if this can be used for a small business? We have 5 employees using one phone number. Could this be used with a set of wireless phones or would you have to use the Ooma headsets (they limit it to 4)? Could 2 or more people be making calls at the same time?