Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

Wow, sucks. I have the older version and pay nothing. Ooma has NO credit card info from me at all.

It’s great as I work in my home office every Friday and use the phone for ~6 hrs of conference calls.

Not bad if you can find the previous gen model that doesn’t have the FCC fee (that who knows, could be $40/month in 10 yrs).

The previous generations have the same voice quality and NEVER have a penny in terms of a fee.

This unit sucks due to the recurring FCC fee.

Pass. Wish you the best if you bought it. No telling how high those monthly fees will go 4 yrs from now. All I know is mine will be $0.

Blocking unwanted calls

If you have a Panasonic DECT6.0 system, you don’t need Ooma’s blacklisting service! The Panasonics have its own blacklisting feature. Go to the Menu and select Block Calls. That allows you to add phone numbers that you want to block. When those people call, they’ll automatically get a Busy Signal. Your phone will ring once just so that you’d know that someone is trying to call, and their number will show up.

Here’s how Panazonic describes it:
“Block Unwanted Calls
Store the Caller ID info of any and all unwanted callers into your phone’s Call Block list so that you can eliminate future pesky calls. After the information is stored, those unwanted callers will receive a busy signal when they call you again.”

Anybody know if I can use Ooma anywhere other than our NYC home as long as there is broadband available? Like when we go to our summer house I bring our Vonage modem with us and boom, we still answer our home phone. Or go a few thousand miles away, bring it along and hook up to WiFi - “Hello? Oh hi Mr. Parole Officer, yeah, I’m home, why?” (that was a joke Ms. Informant). So will this work? Anybody know for sure?


– alphajolt

I’m not sure if you can use it for business. I mean, I’m pretty sure you can but the fine prints might restrict it to home service. I use mine for my home office so I guess I’m using it as business.

I have my Ooma connected to the pre-wired telephone system in the house. A corded base set is connected to the wall, and 3 other wireless sets are scattered around the house. I could connect other phones to the wall jack an have it work also. I have yet another wireless phone set (1 base and 1 wireless) that is connected to a bluetooth device that is in turn connected to my cellphone so I can just leave my cellphone to charge when I get home and answer it using those phones. So when phone rings in my house, I have to orient myself a bit and figure out if its the cellphone or the Ooma line ringing…

As for 2nd line, I think you can pay extra for the second line. Might be worth it since it’ll come out much cheaper than any other option.

If you get the Ooma version, add the Bluetooth adapter and sign up for the premium service it will cost you about $13 a month. For this you will get FREE number porting of your old number, TWO separate phone numbers (your old number and a new one,) and the ability for the Ooma to recognize that your cell phone is in the house. It will ring your house phones whenever you get a cell phone call so if your cell is in the charger you needn’t run get it.

You can use both phone numbers at the same time from your multiple in-home phones which somehow will give you a second dial tone whenever the first number is in use on a different phone. It’s magic! It’s worth the extra $10 a month to me after years of AT&T bills.

You can either have Ooma randomly choose a number for you or port over an existing number. If you want to port over a number, there’s a fee (I think it’s $40). Pretty much the same with cellphones. I think Ooma has a deal where porting is free if you sign on to their Premium service for a few months.

Since they are tax and related fees, I doubt the would go to $40 a month. That would mean people with landlines and cells would also pay that much more on top of their fees and FCC will have a mutiny on their hands.

It’s “unlimited” but know there is a limit to how minutes you can use per month. The TOS clearly states this and clearly state this device is for home use, NOT business use.

Google is your friend. Suggestion: “Ooma for business” or “Ooma really unlimited?”

I was being extreme and making a point. Who knows what the fees will be 7 yrs from now? Do you? I’m pretty sure they won’t be $40, but what do I know?

My point was with the older model, that concern is off the table. Period.

It’s free for life. This one isn’t…

A lot of people cry FRAUD because there’s a small recurring charge on your credit card even though Ooma claims that their service is free. It’s important to note that this is not Ooma’s fault. The small fee, usually <$4, results from all kinds of governmental regulatory fees and taxes. Ooma does not get a cent of it. So yes, the service is free. Call your congressperson if you’re p*ssed, not Ooma.

$3.50 a month for your phone service “sucks?” (You seem fixated on that word.) The $3.50 is for your local taxes that Ooma finally decided they couldn’t afford to pay for you forever. Everything in life isn’t free.

There are a bunch of things your older version doesn’t do that this new one does. If you can’t afford $3.50 a month for your phone taxes perhaps you should stick with Skype (if you can find free Internet service.)

I currently use AT&T because I need a land line in order to get DSL internet. Could I use the Ooma, cancel my landline and be still be able to access the internet?

I’ve been with Ooma for over 2 years now with this same device. Call quality beats the crap out of my dads magic jack. I’m buying one for him. I pay $12/yr per the contract i got when i bought it. This was an incredible deal. I live in the boonies and have a wireless connection via 900MHz Motorola Canopy, and this work great over it. If the power goes out, I can power this and the canopy from a generator and make calls (as long as the tower is still up). Kick the local Telco out of your house for good with this one!

MagicJack is a gimmick, Ooma is a system. Last month Consumer Reports rated Ooma #1 in Internet phone systems. We aren’t paying lawyers for “legal issues.”

Not entirely true. it’s not so much Old vs New model, but when the unit was activated. I have an older model but still have to pay the regulatory fees because I bought it from Woot after the fees were instituted. This is the reason you’ll see eBay offerings saying that the unit was activated before a certain date.

Your point about future fees, however, is valid. As fewer and fewer people use regular landlines – one expert said that they will be gone within 10 years – government is looking for other sources of revenue. Rumors of an “Internet tax” have been flying for years. One version is a VoIP tax, so yeah, a $10+ surcharge is not unrealistic.

We’ve had the Ooma Telo since January. Voice quality is really good–my mom who wears hearing aids says that I am more understandable on the Ooma line than on my landline. I use it in conjunction with Google voice–incoming calls to my Google voice number are routed to my Ooma number. GV gives free calls to Canada–Ooma does not. We pay $3.47/month for the taxes on the Ooma. Our DSL connection is only 4.5 Mbps download and 750 Kbps upload but the Ooma is fine unless somebody on the network is doing a big upload. Sometimes there is a barely perceptible voice lag, but 9 times out of 10 the call quality/timing is perfect.

I paid $200 (including tax) from Costco for our unit.

Nice deal, woot.

Just bought 3 more for my stores. Love ooma, was looking at buying yesterday from amazon for 199. Glad I waited. You can connect them to your existing handsets, you don’t have to use th ooma ones. I love that I can block telemarketers and private or unknown numbers. I use one at home, connected it to existing house wiring and kept all existing phones.

I agree… Bought Ooma last time around hoping my Landline would work but no… Support should be called, “Waste as much of your time as possible” Back and forth with them for weeks and weeks with the same questions being asked in the same thread where they were answered over and over and ugggghhhh… I’d only recommend this to my ex wife so she’ll not be able to call me!

Good luck.

…unless you have the prior version of Ooma.

It’s okay to view me as cheap. It’s also ok to secretly know free is better than $3.50 +…?. :slight_smile:

No. Ooma has to be hooked up to an existing Internet line.