Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I was hoping to get one of these in the last woot-off, I just had to research one more thing before I bought it.

Can I keep my Land-line number?

Yes for a 40 dollar fee

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Premier Features for 9.99 a Month

Nearly 1000 5 star reviews on amazon

Got it. Love it.

I own one bought it at full price but… it has already paid for itself. Word to the wise… >>>>>UNPLUG YOUR PHONE LINE FROM THE MAIN CONNECTION OR YOU RISK FRYING IT<<<<

It was a PITA to send the few faxes I send.

I own this Ooma Telo (and their previous model) and I can’t say enough good things about it. Fantastic voice quality, great company, and NO MORE BILLS!!! The have a great package of advanced features if you need them too.

Also - Consumer Reports rates Ooma #1 Phone Service!

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Are faxes reliable with this? Faxes are the only holding me back from dumping my current phone service.

Buying this from Woot a few months back was some of the best Woot money we’ve spent. Okay, maybe not as good as the BoC money we’ve spent.

But! For less than $5 month we get nationwide long distance. Super easy to set up, super easy to use. And upgrading to the premium version offers some really cool options. I think these normally sell out (I can’t remember), so if you’re on the fence, and it’s 3:00 cst Saturday - buy it.

More recent woot, in August: (above previous woot is June, still helpful)


How does this compare to NetTalk?

“Mr Watson, come here, I need you.”

THIS is what I was waiting for during the Woot off!!!

Does anyone know how Ooma is doing financially? I was bitten by Sunrocket and I see Ooma has blown through all their venture capital. I’d love to get one if they are financially sound for at least a few years.

We bought one of these at Costco a few months ago for $175. I did some research and decided it looked good. It did take a while (and $40) to “port” our old phone number to the new service. Our service is very good. We opted to use an answering machine at home. My bill is about $3.50 a month. You can’t get away without paying the local and 911 fees. Since I won’t go without broadband internet, having this was a no brainer. And I got to tell Comcast GOODBYE regarding their phone service and save $$$$.

It all depends on the brand of your fax. Google Ooma fax the first link will tell you the whole story.

I got one here on Woot several months ago and it’s definitely paid for itself. My number got ported in about 8 days and there have been zero problems with the service. The sound quality is perfect, the only reminder it’s not my regular phone service is the funky Ooma dialtone. I highly recommend for anyone looking to save on your phone bill. Mine went from $35/month to $3.47 for the taxes.

So this is worth owning? I have a Magic Jack and am not a fan of the phone quality. I have a 30Mbps connection and am disappointed so I never use it. My other fear is after buying it the company will go belly up the next month. That’s always been my luck.

the new Magic Jack Plus does NOT need a computer anymore.

Bought one of these last time. Totally awesome.