Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

I see the Ooma logo is red… service is out in the pic. tsk tsk

Ooma-god this is cool!

It’s refurbished. Guess people prefer to pay for their calls

OK Woot, in for 1.

Now where are the miracle berries!

Can you hear me now?

The title wins the “item containing the longest string of words that would make no sense to me 10 years ago” award for the day, I think.

Woot, I killed a Woot.


Get one!! I bought one of these on Woot a few months ago. Best investment I’ve made in a LONG LONG time. Setup was a cinch and it works flawlessly.

What’s the difference between this unit and a Ooma hub? like this one:


I think they just plugged it in an took the picture right away. They didn’t wait for it to fully connect and the logo to turn blue.

I popped for a new one last time…
Also bought a router. Gave up trying to set it up with my Mac Snow Leopard. Wish I could find someone who would help… Struggled for weeks! Their support was nooo help at all…
(Sob) I’ve given up. (Sob)

I suspect that you’ve tried this, but I’ve had success by putting the Ooma just downstream of my cable modem and in front of the wireless router. And yes, I’m using Snow Leopard and yes, it works great.

That’s where we found out about ooma. We picked one up the last time it was on woot, and it’s awesome. Call quality is great, and the price is even better. We received our first bill, and it was $4. :slight_smile:

It is only like $3 bucks per month…way better quality than the others…and high monthly fees. I love it.

Oops…No high monthly fees :slight_smile: