Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

Costco has a very liberal return policy. Return it!

have it, flawless, get one!

You can buy a dedicated UPS, but that’s about it. A low-end model will not draw a huge power load if it’s just the ooma, your modem, and router. It will at least get you you through a short outage.

Sounds like much of your problem was with AT&T and their bundle, not Ooma.

If you have (or can switch to) T-Mobile, all their newer phones come with Internet Calling: if the phone can connect to WiFi, it works exactly like it has reception. It’s a free feature, and works great in my house and office (bad cell reception both places).

I have had one for a year that I bought off WOOT have had no problems with it, your mom should definitely go for it!!

You can get several hours out of a $50 UPS; we do.

Easy to use, cost very little for taxes, had for several months now and wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. Works like a charm. I have been very pleased. Buy one!

(with no apologies to Adele and just in time to beat SOPA.)

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> AT&T wanted over $100 to separate my internet from my phone…I returned the unit…

That’s because you still have traditional DSL from AT&T. Order Uverse Internet and Phone if available in your area and they will bundle your phone and internet off the fiber optics and into your home for free.

Keep the phone service for a month or so and then cancel it. They will then come out and do what they wanted to charge you for; Separate your internet from the phone, keeping the internet on their uverse service and the phone on the traditional land line.

Then pull your ooma out, plug it up, and cancel your landline.

I used to have Uverse phone and it stunk! Funky call quality, outages, and despite what I was told by uVerse, it kept setting off my ADT alarm system.

Note: Prior to switching to ooma, I transfered my alarm monitoring service to www.nextalarm.com and have several UPSs on the critical network appliances in my home to keep phone/alarm workin in case of outage.

Our experience has Brent quite as good as most, but the fact that we are still using it lets you know that it is still not enough for us to go back to AT&T or to get anything else. We have had Ooma for almost a year now and are in Piedmont NC paying the same as everyone else mentioned as the monthly cost. We only used the premier when we got it for the first little bit fe, then cancelled that part of it.

Ours has been a challenge in static on many occasions (about 3 out of 20 calls) such that you have to disconnect and redial. Also, for some reason, for a while, every time I called my parents’ landline there was no sound on the line when they picked up. They called me right back and everything was fine. Mainly just quite irritating. I guess I just saw that hassle as worth saving about $50 per month. It’s gotten much better, and we are honestly not sure whether it is the device itself or the quality of our cable Internet. The reason I say that is that our Netflix will from time to time stop out Netflix or it will go to buffering, even if no one is using the Internet or talking on the phone. Of course, TWC says they have checked it, updated the modem, blah, blah, blah.

As to affecting Internet speed or affecting quality of the calls.? Not here. We can watch Netflix, surf the web, and talk on the phone with no problems.

I have been watcvhing and waiting for this to go on sale again. I have vonage now and no fax capability. Ready to be rid of it

I’ve had an Ooma (the original scout) for nearly four years. My husband has an OBI for work. Both are excellent. OBI was harder to set up. My father-inl-law bought a magic jack because it was so much less expensive. All I will say is you get what you pay for.

I’ve had my Ooma Telo for about a month now. I recently started working from home full-time and it was burning through my cell phone minutes.
Initial setup was a pain because my Ooma’s serial number was not yet registered in their system. After 30 minutes on the phone they got it registered in their database and the Ooma worked fine.
It IS a foreign tech support, but they got the job done.
Voice quality is great.
I spliced the Ooma into my existing telephone line so every phone outlet in my house is fed from it.

I haven’t seen it posted anywhere, but while discussing business lines with the tech support they stated Ooma service is limited to 5,000 minutes/month.

I like the idea of buying this, but we have a phone in every room in the house. Is the there any way to use regular phone wall outlets with this?

I just ordered my second one. First one was for my wife’s office, which she doesn’t use much, since she’s mostly out using her cell phone. This one is for the house, to replace Vonage, which is costing me $35/month, with all the fees. I’ll probably port my number and go with Ooma Premier, and still come out way cheaper than Vonage.

Yes. Either buy a mult-handset cordless system, and just plug Ooma into the base station, OR, plug Ooma into one of your wall jacks to share throughout the house. That can also me done with Magic Jack and Vonage, but you should first disconnect your phone company’s incoming power to the jacks. There’s a junction box on the outside of your house where you disconnect this. Sorry, I can’t explain how to do that, but if you Google it, you’ll probably find answers.

I’ve had mine for about a year now.

I’d give it 9 out of 10. Minus 1 for the weird incompatibility with some of my friends phone systems. When I try to call their house they never pick up… wait a second!

In all seriousness, I’ve had some minor issues with my phone and calling to other friends phones. So for that I had to deduct 1. I love only paying $4 per month in fees/taxes. I reduced my monthly phone bill by $15.

I have all three:

  1. MJ original good quality and faxes work, but has to be rebooted (computer and/or MJ) now and then … Not good if you’re expecting incoming calls or say a 911 - mine is running on a Mac.

  2. This version of Ooma - faxes and voice quality are flakey - and it’s directly plugged into my AT&T uverse router. Add the new monthly regulatory fees and I’m no longer a fan

  3. Just bought the new MJ plus and works flawlessly. Big fan.

Side note on MJ (original and plus): does not seem to work on Mac OS X Lion. Had to configure MJ Plus on an older Mac with Snow Leopard (after initial config., no longer need a computer, hence the “plus”)