Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Here is the product FAQ to answer all your many questions:


We’ve had this for over a year. We pay less than $4 / month and have recommended this to four friends who each thank us often. This is a no-brainer, if you’re considering it, buy it. It’s cool, and people will like you more.

In Wisconsin, I think we pay $3.xx per month. It has never disconnected (until very recently), and 911 is linked to our address. It does not need a computer to be on to run, and we love it. If you’re thinking about it, know that we are among the very happy with this product. (I may even buy one for my mother - that’s how easy it is to use)

Additionally, our original one just died due to a power surge, and customer service sent a replacement even though our warranty had expired a few weeks earlier. Great customer service, and I highly recommend this item, and this company.

Wow! Thanks for the protip, Vanevenhoven! I had seen an infomercial for something similar to this so I just figured it was super spammy.

I bought this a few Woots ago. We’ve been using it around 4 months now. We’ve had issues once or twice but it costs me $3.47 a month in taxes/ regulatory fees. I dropped Vonage for it and am glad, as Vonage went out more frequently than this, requiring rebooting it.

Bought mine on woot over a year ago and LOVE it. I went for the premium package since I run a Home-based business too. So, 2 lines, tons of features, free calling, and excellent voice quality and service support.

What more could you ask for? Better than Vonage, and you never need to have a PC on like you do for Magic Jack.

If you’re running MJ on a standard PC that has a 300 Watt power supply you’ll be burning up 7.2 kWh of electricity just to have the thing turned on. Multiply times 365 days and you get 2628 kWh for a PC to serve as your phone. Even at the cheap rate of $0.10/kWh here, that’s over $262 just for electricity.

Ooma runs about 12 watts (.288kWh/day) or 105.12 kWh over the year. At 10 cents per, thats only $10.51 in electricity cost annually. WAY better than MJ on a PC.

I got one of these in a previous woot and have been using it for a couple of months. Call quality is much better than my previous service from U-verse.

And it pays for itself (versus U-verse) in 4 months.

I’ve had my (woot-aquired) Ooma telo for a couple of months now.

Works very well. Quality not as good as POTS service, but very good.

A few short outages, but I think all but one was caused by Time Warner. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work well with faxes or modem connections, so if you need a fax or home alarm connected, you may want to keep a POTS line.

I paid $120 for the premier option, mostly to get the community blacklist, which seems to work well (but you can’t tell how well since Ooma doesn’t log calls that get black-listed and don’t leave a message). Premier included a number port, which took about 4 days from AT&T.

In addition to the premier fee, I’m paying $3.47/mo in taxes and fees.

So including premier, I’m paying $13.47/mo down from about $37 on my previous AT&T bill. (I didn’t make any LD calls on AT&T, so the unlimited LD isn’t included in those numbers).

In conclusion, I’m happy (but not thrilled) with the switch.


We got one on Woot; the initial installation was not bad. Reception is excellent, and our bill in the greater Chicago area is about $4/month.

Shipping was good, customer service is good, the device is terrific. The only downside is that fax service is iffy; it works with some machines and not others.

I bought one Ooma some time ago here, but I really didnt like it … no numbers available for my area … too many extras … The new Magic Jack sounds like a better deal for $ 69 and no computer needed.

"It looks like we can port your phone number to Ooma! If you’re already a customer, you can start the porting process by visiting the Add-ons section of My Ooma. "

I put in my landline with triple plan that is real fibre optic. I pay $89 a month for FIOS triple play plus around 8 extra good movie channels bringing it to $149 a month with tax. We also get free on demand movies, not all but 100’s a month. We can handle that for internet, landline phone and full TV with all of the movie channels and bells & whistles.

The landline with true fibre optic line costs around $26.99 a month with long distance in the 50 States and to Canada and Mexico. I don’t mind keeping that. I’ve rebundled to $89 3 times already, not problem. So no reason for me to put all the up front monies including the item on Woot. The change over isn;t something I want. I don’t want the phone going down if the internet is down not that FIOS goes down often.

I’m not knocking VoIP, I’m just not interested thank you anyway.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of the Wooters and Woot Staff ! :slight_smile:

but doesn’t MJ play advertisements? or limit call times in some fashion?

I like when Woot has the OOMA phone system. I own one and have a strong opinion, so it is the only time I post a message.

OOMA is Awesome. It sets up in a few minutes, provides a normal dial tone to the users and only costs a couple of bucks a month for all domestic calling. That includes taxes for the Feds, and we know they need your taxes now more than ever!

Other than the initial setup, it is parent tested to be user friendly. If you set it up for them once, it will work fine for people with zero computer skills. Much easier and a completely different concept than the Magic Jack which needs a computer to run. This doesn’t. The phones you already have work with OOMA.

Just buy it and put your dial tone provider out of business.

Previous Woot!

Best $140 I’ve ever spent…and luckily I spent it back in 2009 and therefore has paid for itself already.

If your concern is that Ooma will be out of business in a year, I hear that. But the fact of the matter is, is that this is a really good hedge against rising phone cost. My money says Ooma will be around for a while…the call quality is excellent and once you switch, you’ll never go back.

Good luck!

I “LIKE” my Ooma system. Have I gotten my money’s worth? Absolutely, but its not POTS quality in my opinion. It sounds more like a cellular phone when you talk about quality.

The device is EXCELLENT at blocking the ones you hate talking to (bill collectors, politicians, etc.) I just pay for the monthly premium which comes to about $13 after taxes a month. I’ll take that over my $65/monthly ATT home phone.

Sure, you can get the MagicJack, but its very clunky to have your computer running JUST to keep the phone on! Their software is annoying as hell, and the voice service to me isn’t really that good, either!

I had Vonage, which worked great, but hey, $32 after tax monthly got old very quick. All in all, I feel like I got my money’s worth, but it’s not spectacular. If you want to save money, you be the judge. :slight_smile:

Absolutely love mine! As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you won’t have any problems. Cheap. I pay just $3.42/mo for the taxes.

Isn’t verizon Fios VOIP, just that it’s hardwired into your landlines at home? Someone correct me please.

I love my Ooma. I got this exact same refurbished one about 4-6 months ago from Woot and it has worked perfectly. My monthly bill is about $3.40 in Southern California.