Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System



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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
$99.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Love my Ooma!


Ooma Has Been Offered Quite a few times before and always gets a lot of response.


Great deal/idea, but Ive had a few calls that never went through, just went to voicemail. Also they are known for caller ID problems and “all circuits are busy” messages.


I’ve always wondered what the quality of these were. I sure would love to save a ton of money on phone service.

What if the internet goes out? I guess there’s always your cell phone…


We bought this exact model a bit back and have used it without a problem for a few months. In Wisconsin, I think we pay $3.xx per month. It has never disconnected, and 911 is linked to our address. It does not need a computer to be on to run, and we love it. If you’re thinking about it, know that we are among the very happy with this product. (I may even buy one for my mother - that’s how easy it is to use)


I own this. Paid $145 for the refurb. a while back. Works wonderfully.

I pay $3.47 per month plus my calls which are $0.03 per minute to the UK.

I highly recommend it.


This sounds great, but what if we have 6 cordless phones throughout the house? According to what I’m reading I can only connect one phone like to this.


We use Ooma for our home phone number. For my work, they have me tied into a service with Voipo.com (someone dials my extension, goes over the net to my phone on my desk) and its much better. Its not free, but you would forget its not a land line. I think their basic service is like $150 for 2 years of service with options Vonage STILL doesnt offer (like call block). And they send you the free device.

Bottom line, Ooma is good for basic general phone service with bugs/hickups, Voipo for more reliable/cheaper than Vonage service. If you in a heavy populated area with overloaded circuits, you will hear buzzing and the other end with hear echos.



You would get a cordless kit (3 - 5 cordless phones with charger/stand, while one of them is the home base that you would plus the phone cable into). You see them a lot on woot (usually uniden).


Just hook it up to one of your phone jacks in your home and it works just like any phone service. All jacks will be live.


We have had Ooma for almost a year now. It has been rock solid for us. One of the best things to get. Wish we would have done it sooner. Also we fax a ton and it works perfect for us.


It will send the person to voice mail or you can set it up to forward your calls to your cell if you have service interruption.


If you call someone out of country a lot you can buy two , activate both at home , then ship the other one to your loved one far away. As long as it’s connected to the internet it will work , it doesn’t know where it is .


At their web site, you can configure your account so that calls are automatically sent to your cell phone ifnyourninternet connection goes down. Worked perfectly during a recent power outage at our home. Callers never knew anything was wrong.


Good price! But not good enough for me to pay the monthly fee. Still using my Ooma Hub for $0 ever. Ooma doesn’t even have credit card information from me!


And oh ya the compatibility with Google voice is great , when someone calls me it rings my cellphone and my house phone , I get to choose which one I want to pick up. Also one voicemail for all my calls.


Yes, thats another thing. As long as that unit survives, you wont pay anything. If you have to replace that unit, your plan will change.


I used Vonage since they started and liked their customer service, to a point. I looked into Ooma and bought one here 3 months ago for 144.99 and thought that was a great deal. 99 bucks can’t be beat. I love Ooma. I’m disconnected from the Plain Old Telephone Company where it comes into my house and I use a duplex adapter in my wall jack to accept Ooma and my cordless phone. Corded and cordless phones work and call fidelity is great. I love the base unit in that I can get messages through it in a high tech old skool way. Ooma is sooo cool.