Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
$99.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Ugh…the woot off killer.

Ooma God!

See ya in a couple hours.

been kicking around buying Ooma for a while. Is it worth buying refurb? Been burned 2x on woot with refurb’s…

I love this thing. Got one on Woot a while back and have no regrets. Really enjoy paying only $3.79 a month phone bill.

OBI 1 (ten), you are our only hope (for voip)

How about something that will sell?

Wonder if woot would let me return this if it doesn’t work with my home security system. My cable company phone is VoIP and it works, but I heard maybe the signal is not as strong with ooma. I have been tempted for awhile to get an ooma

Ooma rocks. Buy it.

This is definitely worth it. I bought mine at $149.99, and it paid for itself in 4 months. The phone voice quality is just a hair poorer than Vonage, but it only costs the price of the tax - about $5/month where I live.

The best part is that I can take it on vacation anywhere in the world that they have internet service and use it to make “local” calls. I can place a call from Istanbul to Los Angeles the same way that I could from Culver City to Los Angeles.

I give it my very special thumbs up gold star approval recommendation trophy thingy.

They claim the monthly fee is only for regulatory taxes and such, but if that’s true, how does magic jack get away with only charging 19.95 a year? Shouldn’t they have to at least charge the same amount? Anyway, I’ve had Ooma for a couple of years, now. The first unit, a Telo, broke just weeks after the warranty ended, so I then bought a refurb hub from Fry’s, hoping the first gen units were made with better components.

By the way my Telo that broke wasn’t a refurb. It was new and I paid $200, but it did come with a free Telo handset that I ebayed for $40.

I hope they have another I dock, we need I docks. More I docks. Ooma my phone is gunna blow up.

Woot normally accepts returns only on broken items, and prefers you use the manufacturer’s warranty when available. So, don’t get it unless you’re sure.

I bought my first OOMA for $140 refurb on Woot - going strong a couple of years later, got a second one for the wife at costco - can’t tell any difference between the two

I just bought this model new from Costco this past weekend for $129. I did a lot of research and you CANNOT beat this system for telephone service. The premier price is 9.95 per month which gives you many cool features like personal blacklist and multi-ring which sends the call to your cell if you are not home and don’t want to miss that important call. You pay local taxes which in Raleigh is just over $4 per month for a grand total of $14 / month here with all the bells and whistles. Compared to the $50+ I was paying for my standard landline this will pay for itself within 4 months. Get it!

“Residential use only”

Why? How would they know if a business were to use it?

I’ve had my Ooma for 22 months, works great, bought a refurb here on woot for $150 and am saving $30/ month over my old land line cost. I have saved 22x$30=$660-$150=$510, so far.

I love my ooma at home but as a probably obvious FYI, you need a decently fast internet speed for it to work well.