Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System



We bought the earlier version of the OOMA base station here on Woot almost two years ago. Installation took only minutes, and our monthly phone bill is now < $15 (we have the premier plan), taxes included, instead of $40 as it used to be with Vonage.

The sound quality is fine. My favorite feature is the blacklist; if we get a telemarketing call, I add that number to the blacklist, and if they call again, OOMA tells them that our number is no longer in service.


I’ve got one and enjoy it as well. However, if you have a Costco membership, you can buy new for the same price as this refurb.


Can someone explain why this might be better than
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004LO098O/ref=cm_sw_r_an_am_ap_am_ ?


Must be a new product. I’ve never seen woot sell Ooma’s,… Oh, maybe they have:
http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5065205 with same $99.99 price.


I have had Ooma for about 3 years. It is great. The sound quality, the ability to forward your home phone to your cell, retrieving messages online (I have the Premier Plan), the setup, it is all great.

I just moved and I was able to take my Ooma equipment and plug it in to the new internet service and my phone was working in about 10 minutes. Went online and changed my service address and my re-setup was complete.

I was paying Pacific Bell $160 a month to have 2 lines with all the features. I was a little worried switching over at first but I really have no regrets now. I pay $10 a month and have more features than what Pacific Bell was able to offer me.


Costco.com currently has it at $169.99 or 199.99 with 4 handsets. I haven’t seen it at our local Costco yet.


Anyone has experience with the international plan (1000 minutes for $10)? How much does it cost with taxes and everything?


My Costco has it for a minimum of $120 at times. This is a steal.

I got mine from Woot! and have been very very happy with it. Shut off the land line and have never had a concern. Got the premium package and now have a separate second “virtual” line for faxes. Had a leftover bluetooth dongle so now my cell phone in its charger base rings over the whole home phone system.

I really like my Ooma, and it’s saving me a lot of money, too.

Oh, but the cell phone minutes, using Ooma instead of ATT, are a complete fiasco. Fortunately, it’s an added service with the premium, or else I’d stop paying for it.


The only issue I have had using Ooma is when I try to call back-ass locations. For example, Bristol, ME has some regulation that’s keeping the big time carriers out, so the rinky-dink local phone company has an old system that cannot handle VOIP to landline connections. I average 4 attempts per connect. Very frustrating; however, I would still never go back to paying what I once did.


Can you please expound on what you mean? I’m about to pull the trigger, but 99% of the calls I would make from it would be to ATT mobiles…


Dude pull the trigger as quickly as possible. I’m talking to my brother on his AT&T iphone as I’m telling you to pull the trigger. I talk to my brother’s and sister who all have at&t phones. Pull the F-ING trigger and keep your money in your pocket. Greatest thing since sliced bread. Get a google voice # so you’ll only have to give out 1 number. GV works with Ooma.


Well, with Ooma, calls will be free (except for the taxes and fees which come to about $3.75 in my area). With the device you linked, Google voice calls will be free till the end of 2012. After that, an as of yet unknown fee will likely be charged.

The other services are also pay for use, but still usually cheaper than paying a big TELCO company.

Ooma, still free.

I will add that the low price Ooma charges for the premier package isn’t bad for all the features you get. The extra packages, however, are optional.


This is a great deal - I bought the telo here a while back for more, and I’ve saved a ton of cash on my phone bills.


I think he’s talking about the mobile app.

For calls made from the Ooma Telo you don’t pay anything extra.


If you still have a home phone (besides cellular) then this is a must. Bought mine 2 years ago and it works perfect. You would not know the difference between this (internet calls via Ooma) and regular home phone service through the phone companies.

I have a 5 megabits/second internet line and it costs me about $3.50/month for taxes only.


I have an old AT&T phone with a mechanical bell. Does this provide enough power to ring that, or does it only work for newer phones?


Refurbished means… refurbished by the original manufacturer, right?


I use one of these at my house, my favorite feature is the ability to have it ring your cellphone as well as the house phone and answer from either!


Ooma works as well as everyone says, and it’s ultra-simple to get up and running.

The biggest PITA is how they handle international calling. Unlike “normal” phone companies, you can’t just pick up the phone, make an international call and have the charge show up on your monthly bill. Like the cell companies, they really want to sell you a recurring monthly bundle of international minutes – which you may or may not use. If you make some but not enough international calls to justify a monthly bundle, then you have to pre-deposit cash into your Ooma account that, like Skype, you draw down as you call – at much higher per-minute rates. And unless you upgrade to Ooma Premier service for another $10 / month, calls to Canada are treated the same as other international calls. Be warned.