Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

**Item: **Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Refurbished

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The Ooma Telo VOIP system does what it says with regard to offering Voice Over IP services.

HOWEVER, this company has added some nasty little tricks into their system…for instance, shutting down your service at seemingly random times under the guise of “service taxes and fees”. Very odd because in my time reading about the product before purchasing it off Woot about 1 year ago, they acted as though it was a free service after paying for the device.

It was, in fact, marketed in such a way as to be a better deal than Magic Jack because it did not require the monthly payments (which they were right…there is no rhyme or reason to the times when they attempt to charge you).

Service during this time is shut off, mind you, so you literally have to wait AND NOT PAY IT until they finally give up and turn it back on.

I ended up buying a Magic Jack and never looked back. Far better deal and more up front, Ethical business practices.

Hope you find this helpful because anymore I have a hard time letting the little guy continually get ripped off. Oh, and btw…get your money out of Too Big to Fail Banks. They are paying terrorists to take away our freedoms.


That’s really strange as I’ve had my Ooma for 6 years now and I never got any kind of service disruption like that. Worst case is when there is an echo or delay and I just hang up and dial again, that usually fixes it. Sometimes it’s on my end where I have too much streaming or downloading for a good connection. But I’d say I have over 99.99% up-time and of that 98% excellent VOIP service.


and some really bad words.

I wait nearly two days to try to scarf one of these, and I miss it?!

I’ve had my Ooma for at least 5 years and this arbitrary service shut down has never happened to me. I think this is the best most economical VOIP service available.

If you have an internet connection, and are even slightly tech savvy, skip the Magic Jack, NetTalk and Ooma devices, and consider this alternative Full Featured Phone System…

If you really want a FREE Fantastic Sounding VoIP Phone System with all of the bells and whistles, try buying an UNLOCKED Obihai VoIP Device starting at around $40, (as low as $29.99 on sale) that you can use with just about any VoIP Vendor of your choosing including Google Voice which is totally FREE for the balance of 2013, (and has been free for several years, and will most likely be free for years to come).

An Obihai Device combined with Google Voice will provide unlimited free calling to the US and Canada, Low Cost (or Free device to device) International Calling, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling, Multi-Phone inbound call ringing, etc.,

Check Out these Videos for more information and easy setup instructions.

I moved my home phone to this configuration and the audio is greatly superior to my former Bell vendor with tons of features and best of all, the VoIP Service truly is FREE!!