Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

**Item: **Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Tons of Great Reviews
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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

Check out the “good” review from pcmag.com

Let’s learn how Ooma works

I switched from Vonage to Ooma not long ago. I love it. Wish I had switched sooner.

TONS of very good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I can’t say enough good about this machine.
I stopped paying for land line years ago…sound quality is superb…

Wow, this is $20 cheaper than Woot has ever offered it! I love my Ooma even though I paid the higher price. Great deal!

I have the old Ooma system, and am grandfathered into the absolutely free (i.e. no fees/taxes) plan they used to have. Since I would have to give that up to get the Telo, can anyone who’s tried them both weigh in on whether or not it would be worth it to me to switch? I’ve heard the Telo is better quality sound, but I’m wondering HOW much better.

I run a small office and we have 5 VOIP lines. Would there be anything holding me back from getting a few of these instead and ditching my phone service? Not sure why this wouldn’t work - but I don’t understand exactly why this is free each month either.

I bought one years back and upgraded to a newer model. The sound quality is indeed substantially better and the whole $3 I pay in taxes is worth it to me. The only trouble I had was when I was signing up, the phone number I picked belonged to someone else (how the glitch occurred, I cannot say) so there were a few days of sorting that out but the company’s support people were great to me.

There were so many premium options available (multiple numbers in different area codes, 800 numbers, many more bells and whistles I just didn’t need) that I would recommend the service to anyone. It was far better than any of the others out there too, specifically Vonage and Magic Jack, just make sure to register your number with local 911 authorities.

Lack of QOS will basically kill you for business use… Dropped calls, audio dropouts etc. Basically you’ll piss your customers off.

Just chiming in here, I bought an Ooma 3 years ago, it’s saved me $30/MONTH x 36 = $1080, so far. Works great. I paid $145 here on Woot for a refurb, and am totally satisfied.

Hey, kinda new to this stuff, but can I make a call while simultaneously surfing the internet, playing a game, etc?


Yes, yes you can…

Ugh! I literally bought my brand new Ooma this week from Amazon for $130. I’m totally happy with my product but just wished I waited a few more days for this EXCELLENT deal! If you want a landline in your house, this is the best, cheapest option out there. Buy it!

Ooma versus Magic Jack Plus.

I love mine. Best Woot I ever Wooted. Don’t pass this up.