Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

This is a great deal, I recommend jumping on it if you were considering it. I got the Ooma here on Woot almost 3 years ago for $140 and it paid for itself in a few months (I had been paying $35/month for phone service through my cable company). Ported my old number and it’s been working perfectly ever since.

I’m moving in a few weeks, looking forward to just bringing the Ooma and having my number at my new location.

I switched from a traditional landline to Vonage about a year ago, and it was not without its problems, but I finally got the kinks worked out with port forwarding on my router.

So the question is, how does Ooma compare to Vonage?

Got one, works great etc. I’m sure it was cheaper though. $10-20 cheaper in a woot plus sale.

Time to check out the product page


Check out these comments from when this was offered in October

Let’s watch a review [youtube=Mtv4gvmhB9U][/youtube]

Just bought one last week from woot! Looks good as new and no activation fees!

I haven’t used Vonage, but I have seen their advertisements. I’ve been using my Woot purchased refurbed Ooma Phone System since 2010 and my monthly cost is for taxes only and has averaged ~$3,25/month for unlimited domestic calls.

I have thought about these for a couple years, but went the Obi/Google Voice route. As that’s not going to be an option much longer (see here http://blog.obihai.com/2013/10/important-message-about-google-voice.html ), it may be time for us Obi fans to switch.

There are other alternatives to use the Obi’s, but so far none of them look to be as stable or as inexpensive as the Ooma, over the longer term. Of course, that assumes Ooma hangs around as well.

Oh no! I didn’t realize Google ended 3rd party access to Google Voice! I actually have both an original Ooma Hub (no monthly fees) and an Obi100 device with Google Talk. Both work well and I use them interchangeably as needed. That being said, Ooma is still going strong for me after five years and will continue to do so. So I do not hesitate to recommend it.

Had one I got at woot for a few years now. No troubles. Went from spending 30/mo to under 5/mo for phone svc. Thanks Ooma and woot

Has anyone used one of these in Canada.

Morning fellow Wooters! I have the older white Ooma unit, works fine however I am debating on upgrading to the newer model -better call quality ect… Would it be as simple as switching them out? can the old one be ebayed? And what about those pesky taxes, I beat the clock when I purchased my old one… Thanks - mike

The device you have combined with the service agreement you have is keeping it tax free. If you change either one, you will loose that benefit. I only know this since a guy at work had his HW fail and was pissed when after he bought a new device, he now has to pay taxes.

I got mine last Christmas as a gift from my parents. I love it, I use it almost everyday to talk to my dad. Anytime I have to call an 800 number I grab my Ooma linked phone instead of my cellphone. Better call quality, my cordless is easier to hold with my shoulder, and no dropped calls. Best part about Ooma though is saying the name, oh and spending less than $5 on my phone bill.

I keep reading about “taxes” in some of these comments, how is this collected. I am currently using Talknet for a 2nd line in the house and I do t pay any taxes. N less its somehow rolled nto my service provider bill.

Perhaps some states charge and others don’t?

Has anyone used one of these up to a fax machine ( actually a 4 in 1, not that it wold matter) I do still get faxes for work.

Can 2 phone numbers be used separately?

I want to know the answer to that question as well. Does this work with a fax machine?

The taxes are fixed by your location and may include a 911 fee etc. mine are about $3.75 or so and linked to autopay from my AMEX (for the Delta FF miles WooHoo!).
You can also set up an ‘account’ with Ooma to cover your long distance charges for any overseas calls you make. (These average a few cents per minute, so if you buy $10 worth of time and you can talk for 6-8 hours overseas)

Mixed reviews on faxes. Seems you can send them OK (by using a special prefix to help clean up the signal) but some folks say they have trouble receiving them. Evidently faxes are prone to have issues if you don’t have a good clean input. You CAN get a fax service from Ooma, but that is an extra fee, but not too expensive if you have to have it, I believe.
Feel free to review my review of Ooma from the last sale.

Quick note on my recommendation (during the last sale) to add a UPS to your set up.

Had a power outage at the house last week and since my modem, router, Ooma, and main cordless phone base are all plugged into a UPS I was able to call the power company to report the outage even without electricity. My setup also powers a couple of other things, so it only lasts about 20 minutes, but that is generally long enough for my needs. When the power came back online everything powered up and just worked automagically. The modem, router and Ooma all ‘spoke’ to each other, and within 2 minutes of the power returning everything was back up and running.
That was most reassuring since, as I mentioned in the review during the last sale, I have my elderly parents set up with the same equipment and it’s nice to know theirs will do the same. I called them during the outage (they live next door) and they were able to answer my call, and their system ‘re-booted’ without any problem. The last thing I would need is for them to have to go through some sort of sequential turning on of equipment etc…
Between us we have saved well over $1000 in the past 18 months, so YES , I would definitely recommend Ooma to anyone…
BTW, they were both refurbs and both work flawlessly…