Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

Is there an activation fee?

No the activation is included in the purchase price.

I’ve had one for a while and love the service and the low price. I’ve never had a problem with it and have recommended it to many friends. I’ll actually give a few people a heads up that this thing’s on sale here today.

Yep it does. I have a 5 handset on my ooma

Did you have to do anything special to make them work, or did you just plug them all into the telephone jacks in the house?

Many of us probably have the Obi with google voice, which is ending support in May. Is this a good alternative to what they are offering customers with their ITSP $39.99 annual plan?

@bracr, 3-7 business days is more typical for the phone number porting process. And you should only lose access to your phone number for an hour or so.

Typical delays are the owner not accurately loading their address/account number info since the previous phone service provider uses that to verify you are who you claim to be. Or a lousy and uncooperative legacy phone service provider.

And you don’t lose your old telephone service until the porting process cuts over to the new provider. Something is wrong if you have more than an hour or so without access to your phone number.

Ooma is far more proactive in managing the porting process than that late night VoIP advertiser (MJ).

Hey all. Just want to make sure you don’t miss the handset add-on in the Plus event.



^^ THAT. we have had the exact same experience. have had it over a year, paid about $100 on woot, it took MAYBE 5 business days to port our old landline number, and the only problem we have is if the cable internet goes down for weather. the bill is about $4 a month. HIGHLY recommend, esp for non-techie users. plus i i can easily check voice mail from anywhere i have an internet connection.

Early Ooma adopters did not pay any taxes or fees. I’ve had my original unit for a few years and the only cost was the original purchase price. If I have to replace the original box, I will have to start paying the taxes and fees…“no grandfathering”.

Ooma quality has been pretty good. Occasionally there will be noise/static, so don’t expect it to be 100%. I used to have Vonage and Ooma call quality has been significantly better.

@Strider300, that is exactly the way most people likely use Ooma - plugging their multi-handset base station into the Ooma box and dispersing the handsets around the house with their charging stands.

@yossisiegel, but Ooma actively manages the phone number porting process for that fee. I’ve configured both Magic Jack and Ooma. The Magic Jack porting process was a pain - had to reinitiate it several times. It felt like there was nobody paying attention on the other side.

And Ooma often does porting free if you sign up for the Premier service for a year ($119). The Premier service adds some great features - link below. Everyone likes the cheap $3-4 per month (taxes) basic service cost but we haven’t been able to give up those extra Premier features after the first year.

Ooma Premier service includes phone number porting

Can somebody give me a cost total to set this thing up?

I currently do not have landline service to my house, so I would only be plugging this in to my router and using a cordless phone/base hooked directly into the Ooma.

How much will it cost me to buy a new phone number from Ooma? I saw someobody mention $40 to port their current number, but I would need a brand new number. Is that a one-time fee or a yearly service?

How much are the taxes and 911 service and do I pay Ooma those costs each month?


@eraten, in your scenario (not porting over a current phone number) the total cost to set it up would be zero! (After buying the Ooma box of course.)

And then $3-4 per month in taxes/fees. Check your taxes/fees at this link:
Ooma Tax/fee Calclulator

The new phone number that Ooma lets you select from a list is free initially and ongoing.

Thanks for the quick response! This helped me make my decision and I’m in for one!

If I have a phone number through google voice, can I avoid the port fee by getting a new # for Ooma, and then programming my google voice # to forward to the ooma number?

You should be able to with no problem!

Get it! At this price, it’s a steal. I got mine for $140 and it’s already paid for itself almost twice over. (versus Verizon POTS)

HUH! I gave up on WOOT and ordered an Ooma from Costco. It was delivered yesterday afternoon. Dang, I should have waited a couple more days!

Took only about 10 minutes to set it up and get it running. Most of that time was spent picking out a new number.

I haven’t seen a negative comment from someone who actually owns one of these! This is a great price for the device! Check the website- they DID have deals where if you pay $129 for a year of Premier, you get either free porting or a free Telo handset. I don’t know if these offers are still valid. Premier has a LOT of great features, (call forwarding, blacklisting, emailed voicemails, etc.) but I just don’t use the phone enough to justify the $10 a month!

As stated above- MY number ported in two days! (Over a weekend, no lees.) I pay $3.71-$3.76 per month. Plug a cordless base into it and have as many handsets as you want. Use their Telo handset, and two people can make calls on the phone at the same time. I have also sent faxes (there’s a code to dial first…) I’ve had mine for years, and it’s one of the best purchases I ever made!

Just BUY one already!