OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Edition 10W+ Bluetooth Speaker

Great deal for a very simple bt speaker. But beware, this is very flat sounding, even when tweaking the eq levels from your audio source. If you’re looking for good sound, look elsewhere.

I have one of these, and flat is not how I would describe the sound. There’s a resonator on the bottom that really makes a difference to the bass, but I didn’t know that until I fiddled with it some. If you’re getting flat sounds then check to make sure the resonator is down. For more bass then put it in a corner or on something that can amplify the lower tones. It’s surprisingly loud for such a small package, and while it’s not going to shake the room it’s good sounding for it’s size.


this has been one of the best sounding BT speakers I’ve owned. Near a corner or even a wall, it fills the room with sound. Even using it against the house in the backyard it booms. I think I paid $40 on amazon 6 months ago, and can’t recommend this one enough, especially at this price.

I purchased on Amazon last week on a Prime offer and I have to say, I’m very impressed with the quality of the sound and also the loudness of the speaker. I use it with my Moto G5 Plus in the car (my radio is out and doesn’t have an aux input). It pairs quickly and the pause/play button works well. It also doubles as a hands free link, which works better than my dedicated Plantronics BT setup. My wife has a JBL BT speaker that she got for about $80 a couple of years ago, and I would stack the OontZ up to that anytime.