OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Edition 10W+ Bluetooth Speaker

Has a 20% off coupon at the mothership which makes it $27.99 with no shipping if you are already a prime member. Looks like it even has free one day shipping available. This is a great speaker but not such a great deal Woot.


So you’re saying we’re still cheaper?

Was given this speaker as a gift, very convenient to tote around, VG sound for such a small footprint speaker. Charges fairly quickly, generally lasts through most of the parties, uses I’ve put it to. Nice for background music for an outside patio event, etc.

You can buy this on Amazon for 19.99 now.

That’s not the PLUS. Here’s the one we’re selling.

Yes, you are right!

The PLUS is just a larger battery. Sound wise they are the same speakers.

Two video reviews of Angle 3 Versus Angle 3 Plus said the Angle 3 is louder and has more clarity - true story.

The Plus has more controls - decided to sacrifice sound quality for longer battery and Wooted. Haven’t Wooted in a long time - not having to pay shipping makes all the difference.

Mine arrived a couple of days ago. Arrived fully charged. Linked easily. Good sound so far.

I have this very model (added to my Zon wishlist and was gifted to me) and love it. The battery lasts insanely long and the sound is surprisingly robust. If I didn’t already have it, I’d Woot it right away.

By coincidence, I purchased the “OontZ Angle 3 Enhanced Stereo Edition IPX5 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Volume Booster AMP 10 Watts Power, Custom Bass Radiator, 100’ Wireless Range Bluetooth 4.2” for $19.99 from Amazon (with slight discount) and it arrived yesterday.
I don’t know about the “Plus” but mine is great - volume, sound, pairing, everything, In fact, I’m ordering a second one today.

It sounds great, the controls are simple and easily identified. Go for it.

Want to buy, but can’t get anyone from customer service to respond to my Amazon Prime membership to get the proper shipping for the OontZ headphones I just ordered. And now they want to charge another $6 to ship this? Sadly, no. I could live with losing $6 for the one order even though I pay over $100 every year to get “free” 2-day shipping. But $12 total for standard shipping times? I know it’s not a lot to most folks, but it does add up.

Got a response. But it was clear the rep didn’t even read my message because they just sent what appears to be a boilerplate default script that didn’t even come close to addressing my questions.
I miss the days of woot when it was a real deal.
Don’t get me wrong. I’ve ordered multiple items even after Amazon bought them out. And I’ve been mostly happy with everything.
But this? Just not worth it anymore?
This may be the end of our 13-year-plus relationship.

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$25 is pretty cheap, so I bought this speaker. It sounds very good, but my family tells me that my side of our Skype calls sounds muffled. For music and podcasts, I recommend it. This works *alright *as a speakerphone, but there are probably better choices.