Opal Earrings - 3pk

Opal Earrings - 3pk

I was really enjoying the Sports and Outdoors section because there was no jewelry in it and then I ran into this…

I do wish Woot would create a category just for jewelry. So, I can avoid it completely.

Yeah. The sale is actually on home but the internal category stuff is still set to sport because that’s the team the buyer is on. We may get it fixed some day. Maybe not.

In the meantime, you wear those opal earrings on your camping trip and you do so proudly.


Internal politics! LOL
God forbid, items were categorized by how the customer wants to see them instead of which team an employee that buys the items is assigned to.
I went for a walk in my new Merrell hiking boots to the river where I went kayaking on while wearing my Onyx Life Jacket both of which were purchased from Woot…
Oh wait that’s a dream …
In reality, the bracelet that I did not buy got caught on a branch which resulted me falling and breaking my leg…
I love Woot!
1st and only company that allows employees to tell customers the truth!

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