Pun, check. Laugh, check. Pavlov wins again.

The colors are Opawesome.

Aiyee! Not only a pun but cute as all get out.

Love Robbie Lee’s shirts! Always fun, always clever, always super cute.

Wearing this opossum could get exhaustin’ with all the attention you’d be wrasslin’. Hm.

Also, opossums can’t carry rabies- their body temperature is too low.

Thanks, Robbie! You’re pretty newt, too!

This is weird: I was joking about this with the 10 year old yesterday evening. It must have been a premonition.

Where’s Fact #6?

The opposum mistook the 6 for a snake and ate it. And it was delicious.

In for one, btw.

As a native Texan, if you could just go ahead and drop the “O” that’d be 'Pawesome.

For all the grandfathers out there, Opa is the German word for grandfather and it kinda fits that a GF is awesome.

Thanks for the print, woot! Very exciting.

Nice to see you here, Robbie!

Thatrobert! You rock. Good to see you.

Thanks for the post- hopefully I can start participating more and maybe even get into a derby or two. Especially if you’re still around, classing things up.

The typography and choice of font on this is so horrible…lol…makes that silly look on his face even funnier. Completely cheesy and awesome.

I wanna see a Lego 'Possum with “Everything Is Possum”, or maybe “Pawesome” or some variant…