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Just a place for me to babble or test post when I’m bored, but don’t want to disturb the regular conversations. Everyone else has their own thread, I want one too! If I could stick it to the bottom of the thread lists, I would.

BTW, go away!!!


Rough draft…

Posting Pictures on Woot Using Imageshack

In the included pictures, hand-drawn bright red circles, arrows, and underlines are generally added by me for emphasis or indication, and do not appear in the original picture.

  1. Go to the Imageshack Web Site. Your browser should look something like this:

  1. Click on the “Browse” button (circled in red in the following picture):

  1. A window will pop up; depending on how your computer is set up, it may resemble the following pic:

Use this window to navigate on your computer to find the image you want to upload. After you select the picture, the name appears in the “file name” text box. Press the “Open” button (circled in red in the following picture), and this pop-up window disappears.

  1. Returning to your browser, it should look as before, but with a file and path name in the text box (underlined in red in the picture below). Press the “host it!” button (circled in red). Wait while your computer uploads your picture…

  1. After your computer finishes uploading your picture, your browser should update to look like the picture below. You may see a small “thumbnail” of your picture (circled in red in the picture below) (sometimes not).

Select the text in the box (indicated by the red arrow in the picture) next to “Hotlink for forums (1)” (underlined in red in the picture). Use ‘Control-C’ to copy the text (‘Apple’-C on Mac OS).

  1. Start composing a message in woot. A picture of a typical woot post composition page is shown below. Use ‘Control-V’ (‘Apple’-V on the Mac) to paste the Imageshack link into the box. The pasted text should look similar to the text underlined in red in the picture.

Press the “post” button when you’re done (preview if you want to see what it looks like before you post).


Now if you said BTW, go away, please!
Nope not even then!


[ Everyone else has their own thread, I want one too!

Pardon me, I’m looking for my thread, have you seen it? D’name, where’s your thread? Shame on you for not inviting me to it. Lynn, you have a thread? Of course, KT has two, maybe she’s sharing. Tenn? Joesphus? Wiseman? All you people have threads you didn’t tell me about?



You’re absolutely right. I sincerely apologize for being, shall we say, a tad sarcastic. Of course, if I’m not mistaken, you’ve posted numerous times on my thread.


I’m more discriminating than you!


I prefer to stay away by staying put . . .


Technically, “One Word, Too” was collaboratively named, with poof as it’s creator.


Absolutely, AZ suggested the title.


hmmm. Plenty of room. nice view of the ocean. Nice hot tub.

is that a tapped keg over there? in its own refrigerator?

Look at all the chips! and that recliner with the remotes holder!

Yeah, this one suits me pretty fine! I’ll take it!

ahh, now if qwerty will just hand me a beer, I’ll be able to relax.


I never discriminate. I’ll even post on your thread.


Dude! You got style!!


Don’t do that to the potted plants, the bathroom is right over there!

GAAAAAHHH!!! Where’s the bleach?!?


Oh No! What qwertyuiop000 posted does not agree exactly with what KT told me! Now what do I do.???

Qwertyuiop, can you repost that place to resize the photo? It worked till it started to make the file.


It’s a rough draft. If you tell me where I went wrong, I can fix it. Before anybody sees it. Since everybody was supposed to stay away. (Sigh…)

I don’t remember exactly. Maybe


D’name, do you have Microsoft Office? It should include a program, Microsoft Photo Editor, which may be easier to use than iPhoto to resize pics.


Must be reverse psychology.
I’ve never heard a stronger invitation to start posting on a thread.




//gets in line . . .