Open Source Software and Print Readiness

G’day all,

I am an open source user (Inkscape & GIMP) and most of the tutorials, hints, tips and tricks around woot land seem to be geared towards people who use illustrator and photoshop.

I think I have figured out a good process to remove AntiAliasing woes in getting art print ready so thought I would share for the very few who are in a similar situation to me with the Open Source stuff.

I will just share overview steps, not “click here”, “then here”, type stuff.

Step 1. In Inkscape get your SVG document size up to the print ready size you are going for.

Step 2. Turn of “AntiAliasing” in the display settings in the document properties.

Step 3. Save the Inskcape File. NOTE: Currently Inkscape cant export a rasterized file without antialiasing. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.


GIMP can open an SVG and pick up the “no antialiasing” setting from the document property to create a rasterized version of the svg.


Step 4. Open up GIMP.

Step 5. "Open … " the SVG file you just saved, you will be asked what dpi/ppi you want and what size you want it to be when you import it. Choose your print ready info.

Step 6. It will now be a file without nasty AntiAliasing all over it to try and sort out, so separate each colour out to a new layer using the select by colour tool to select each one and copy it to a newly created layer.

It too me a while to figure out how to stop the Anti Aliasing Edge in my rasterized graphic, which made colour separation a nightmare.

I hope this helps someone. If you can’t tell I am a noob, and have relied upon the kindness of others to help understand what I know, so I thought I would pass it on.

Bless yas.

Good to see a fellow GIMP/Inkscape user here! Thanks for this, and keep up the good work in the derbies :slight_smile:

Hey Cool, I wondered if there were any others. Thanks! Will keep the derby entries going.

Oh wow, thank you so much! Inkscape is all I got. Now I know what anti-aliasing is! I guess I will have to get GIMP too.

Glad it was helpful to someone :slight_smile: