Opinions on this shirt? Do you "get" it?

One friend got it immediately, another had no idea what it was (though he should have). He thought it was a Target shirt at first… sigh

Now I’m worried most people will think it’s a Target shirt. It does come in black, navy, or white also, and the design glows in the dark.

It’s $14.99. What do you think… I loved the movie, but I don’t want to walk around with people thinking I’m wearing an ad for Target. But then again, I shouldn’t care what others think as long as I like it, and those that do get it are cool, right? :wink:

It doesn’t look like a Target (the store) shirt, but it does look like you are wearing a target. I don’t know which movie this is about, and others may not either. But I don’t watch that many movies.

Have you seen Iron Man? If not, you can click the link below for a screencap of a scene in the movie: