OPOLAR Soap Dispenser- Your Choice Color

OPOLAR Soap Dispenser- Your Choice Color

Conflicting info
Under Features:
Powerful Applicability & Large Capacity - Foaming Soap dispenser has a large tank capacity with 450ml

Under Specs:
350 milliliters

Also, this isn’t a special price. Quite a few similar $15-25 options on Amazon


Well, I’m going to review another soap dispenser on Woot! Last time, I reviewed a soap dispenser on here it was one that had been working well for almost 5 years. It died 2 days after reviewing on Woot! This is the model I replaced it with. I’m reviewing this one so that I can verify that yes…the universe is actually out to get me.

It’s not as nice looking as my old one, but it is much easier to see how much soap is left. It also holds a lot more soap and, with the foaming, is more efficient. I do like that the battery compartment and electronics are on the top unlike others. It keeps them away from the water that inevitably surrounds it. It could dispense more soap. I usually need to do two squirts to get a decent lather. Overall, I have been happy with the purchase. I’m tempted to get one for the bathroom.

Seems it would be top-heavy with the batteries in the top…

Is is just me or is the regular soap a picture of a refill for foaming soap and the foaming soaps - including laundry detergent??? - are the “regular-ish”
A bit worried about the lack of detail in promo materials

A little, but so far hasn’t been an issue. I never bump it. It’s about 1/3 full right now, and I can nudge it a little, and it will rock but not fall over.

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

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Hi there. 450ml is correct.

This thing is HUMONGOUS. I dunno. It’s just kind of comically large.

OTOH you do get an amount of foams after sensored, so there is that.

Growing up, all of our pump hand soaps around the house had (IMO, way too much) moisturizer in them and after every washing of my hands, I never quite felt like I’d completely rinsed off the soap/moisturizer residue, so when I first encountered foamed soap and it seemed to rinse clean, I became a fan. (It might have been because of the lower amount of moisturizer therein, but whatever. I liked it, darnit!)

Years ago, I bought a few nice-looking manual-pump foaming-soap dispensers from a store with three Bs in the name and those worked well, but I remained enthralled with the automatic foaming-soap dispensers (at one point, I thought about contacting a janitorial supply company to see if they’d sell me a wall-mount one, but I realized that the Wife Acceptance Factor would be super-low), and ramped up my search for those once I began washing my hands more in the first few weeks of C19 than I think I ever have in my life.

One day, I ordered a random automatic foaming-soap dispenser with a sensor on the front. It was shipped fresh from Asia and the instructions were a little confusing to me, but eventually I charged it up and figured out how to turn it on. My wife and I have been using that one for the last few months and it has served us well. Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago, it stopped working with no warning and turned out it needed to be recharged, leaving my wife asking, “Where’s the soap in the kitchen?!” Sigh.

With that introduction, when I saw this dispenser which runs on AA batteries (which I assume have a built-in warning as they are reaching their end of life), I thought that I needed to give it a try. And when I found out that I could set it to dispense a little soap or a lot of soap, I knew I had to get it (since our previous automatic one delivered a large, non-adjustable mound of foam every time).

I just unboxed this one today, struggled a little with the battery compartment (not quite sure what all the waterproofing is about since the batteries and electronics are well above the splash zone), but I dumped the diluted soap water from the previous one into this one and it works like a champ.

There’s also something different about the quality of the foam itself, like it’s more compact? I assume there’s some mesh/sieve in these devices which creates the foam itself and I assume those components all differ a bit, but the result is what seems to me to be slightly denser foam. I don’t know if it’s a problem or a plus; time will tell, I suppose. But so far, so good. Thanks, woot!

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