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One Crimson Trace Laser Grip? ONE?

One LaserMax Green Rail Mount too? Just One? Come one woot. Let’s up the qtys on these real sports items. (Although the green Lasers are cool, not all that great for defense. It is a reverse target item)

i watch woot every day. today is the first day these sights have been on line and only three aren’t sold out? I have the exact Sig Sauer P250, in compact .45 pictured and I need a green laser sight. and they are already sold out. I’m throwing the BS flag on this one. either there weren’t any to begin with or the qty at $200.00 ea. (full retail price anyway), was so low that only one or two were available.

I’m getting tired of these awesome sales with 80% of whats pictured sold out and just the crap left over.
maybe woot is going out of its way to create a sense of urgency by creating a sense of limited supply- all legal tactics in a consumer based free market society. but I don’t get the laser sight I want!

They don’t call it “Amazon Outlet” for nothing…

Actually, you don’t want this laser. I had one and returned it. Why? Look where the activation button is located. On the front of the grip. OK, so you’re in a life and death situation and you have to think of which finger to squeeze? Forefinger to shoot? Middle finger for laser? Oops, pulled the trigger by accident. I think the button should be on the side of the grip or the back strap.

Edit: This comment is for the Ruger LCR laser.

I had that style Crimson Trace grip in the past, and my experience is that the button pushes so easily that it’s pressed when being gripped normally. In fact, it bugged me because I couldn’t really shoot it without the laser being on (though, there is a switch on the bottom of the grip on some models that allows you to turn the laser off).

I really wanted that Leupold scope. If I’d had $1100 on hand it would have been mine. :frowning:

I have noticed this trend also. I am really starting to think these are not actually on sale and just there to make me try to by their one or two items I don’t want.