Optimag Portable 5.5” LCD TV


Optimag Portable 5.5” LCD TV
$69.99+ $5 shipping
1 Optimag Portable 5.5” LCD TV - CT-V609


Not a good deal!
I have it and it is not worth it!


Trading Places is an awesome movie.


unfortunately, these things are limited by poor reception


To small, nice remote though, but i wouldn’t be using that for a 5.5" screen. Not good woot.


Any idea on battery life?


SWEET addon for the ps3 in the car … TY woot. BTW anyone know if this can or has an ac adapter ?


this will be obsolite long before DVD.

Since it’s non-HD, I don’t know how it will work after the FCC gets everyone off of non-HD broadcasting.


This is a portable analog television receiver. Note that the analog television signals are set to phase out in 2009. In other words, this item will have a short lifespan.

Woot! Woot!


Too bad you can’t just hook up the Plastation 3 to this gem and improve the picture :frowning:


comparison links… im in a hurry… drinking and watching funny moviess… let’s hustle… and it turn’s out i gave up… anyways… i think this is a real cool woot… i really like it… no time to consider though… hehe… drinking with the ladies… by all…



why are there only these cheap lcd screens on woot? i am sick of seeing these things!


No SD card input !?!
If it had I would Buy
But No


considering terrestrial analog TV signals are going away alot sooner than dvd’s i wouldn’t exactly buy into that scenario.


Nice. But what are you going to do with this in a litte over a year when they turn off analog TV?


Ironically, over the air analog transmissions will end before DVDs become unpopular.
You will have to use the inputs and a tuner once that happens.

edit: looks like many of us had the same thought :slight_smile:


The question is, will this thing work in a media center pc? Can I rip out the display, mod it into my case, and get it to function running a windows desktop? Riddle me this, Batman, or Wootn3rd.




The DVD is obsolete, SD cards and ISO’s