Optimistic Courtship


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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I hope that puppy realizes that kitty is going to have some nasty fish breath later on…

Cute design, but not worth the non-ten dollars I have. Congrats though ^^

Nice to see Wenceslao Almazan got an added nod today XD

:confused: This was the worst shirt in the fog and there were a lot out of the fog better than this. I like some of seki’s shirts like Birth of the Moon, but this one is really average and seems quite unwearable to the majority of people.

I just have to hope that Around the Moon and Communist Dinosaurs are printed in the next couple of days fingers crossed

So, since [almost] every post is magically disappearing tonight as soon as it appears, I’m assuming I’m not allowed to say that I’m disappointed that this won, but at least it fits in with the week of Valentine stuff. Oh well… two weeks of heartbreak derby, then.

In for for one for my kid…
Yes, I’m one of those evil bastards that skews the submissions.

awww this is so cute :frowning: i don’t buy many shirts nowadays–i have so very many as it is. but i have to buy this. i got no choice really.

Seems really adorable, but I’d much rather have it as a desktop wallpaper than a shirt, unfortunately. Great design, though!

Yes! In for one!

Yeah, I was gonna reply to one of the comments but didn’t have the chance. Lucky for me, I’m broke. My wife really wanted this shirt. I’ve never been happier to be out of loot…

such a kawaii design!!! ^^ ^^

just kidding. looks nice though.

I like it! ^^

…What are the chances I’ll get this before Valentine’s Day?

Super cute~! x]

Very cute, Seki! I voted for this last time it came around, and now I can get the shirt for real.

Sure, some people think it’s “generic” or overly cute or what-not. I still like it. Even if it is baby blue.


Pretty good if you live as close to Carrollton, TX as I do (I just got drakxxx’s dragon shirt today w00t w00t!)

Slim to none. Pay the $5 and overnight it, if you must have one.

Edit: unless you live in TX, apparently. Even still, if you really want it by next week, I’d overnight it to be safe.

My girlfriend will love this.

Did woot mention “zee Germans?”
Apparently, “Zee Germans” wore gray. nyuk nyuk -> props to the first person to name the movie.

Texas should be a brighter color of blue !!!