Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Protein

What’s the expiration date on these?

This is from amazon inventory so we don’t have that info. Amazon is usually pretty good at destroying expired goods though so you should be alright.

If there’s an issue though, reach out to Woot Customer Service.

Unless it can be stated, I wouldn’t trust it. It seems to be a trend with consumables like this from woot that they’re either very close or already expired. Has been for the last few items I picked up.

Just a heads up for those that care.

Woot! Customer service will take care of you if that’s the case.

This deal is so dumb, you’re paying ~33% more for this then what you can currently get on Amazon, really obnoxious.

Hmmm, really? I’m seeing $91-98 for this brand, flavor, size.

Ze link silvous plait?