Optimum Optoma Projector Options

Wow… The PlayTime projector, having both the factory refurb and the new model both? With only $20 difference. Seems clear to me which one would be the better buy, the new one. Extra warranty and assurances it will work.

I love my HD180 I got a year ago. Highly recommend!

I got the GT200 earlier this summer and I love it. I use it almost daily, and it’s been a great replacement for a tv at my summer sublet. I would recommend it!

Will the Optoma BG-ZD101-RFBA DLP Link 3D Glasses work with the my Optoma HD33 projector?

HD33 is a 3D DLP, so the description says it will… I just don’t find anything on Google linking the two which makes me skeptical.

Nevermind didn’t search hard enough. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1354360/new-optoma-hd33-hd3300-1080p-3d-projector-review/720

They will work with DLP-Link, but not at the same time as RF; which is what my other glasses are.

Do these have brand new lamps/lens? I dont see that info but it is early in the morning…

dont see an hour count

I am looking for a projector, mainly for gaming, but will also serve as a movie projector. I have complete control over lighting, my room is 16x20, and budget is ~$600. Any suggestions on one of these projectors, or is there a better option somewhere else? Thanks.

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The new projectors have brand new lamps. The refurbished projectors have lamps with some hours but all refurbished products have been quality checked to make sure there is plenty of lamp life available.

I’m wondering whose definition of “plenty of lamp life available” is being used here…

I would suggest the HD180 (1080P resolution) or the MT300 (720p). Both are great for gaming and movies. Check www.optomausa.com for a distance calculator to see where you need to position the projector in your room.

What are the main differences between the HD180 and the PRO 8200? I see some items under the specs about image movement. Is this similar to refresh rate in TV’s? Will the 8200 “ghost” less on my games than the HD180? Thanks

Thanks as always for joining us to answer questions!

Yes, don’t feel like my question was answered… like under a 100 hours or over…?

Nowhere does it say that the lamps are used and have hours on them. I ordered one and if it has anymore than 10 its going back to Woot.

The wife and kids are watching America’s Got Talent with the HD180 on the 110 inch Elite Screen as I type this. Image is beautiful and the projector is quiet. The wife loves it. Happy wife, happy life!

most of the items in the sale are refurbished, as in possibly used and sent back for repair.

Every refurbished projector I’ve seen for sale has come with a new bulb. If these are indeed used bulbs then shame on Optoma for nickle and dime’ing their customers.

Anyone know how many pairs of RF glasses can be connected to the RF Emitter?

To answer my own question I called Optoma… the answer is probably somewhere in the hundreds.