Optoma 1080p HD Projector

What’s your point? That’s an entirely different projector.

To all those saying it’s $500-$1000 somewhere else… Those are VERY different models. The hd20 is NOT THE SAME. “1080p” isn’t the only important measure for projectors.

Square Trade… it’s a beautiful thing. 30% discount going on right now.

I don’t know what’s more shocking, that someone already bought one of these, or that there is more then one up for grabs.

The one I linked earlier was definitely less powerful than this one, but still 1080p.

Look like this exact one, the TX1080, usually rocks a price of nearly 3 grand!

You dummies this isn’t an HD20, this is a ridiculously good price.

Not the same one. TX1080 is $2799 so this is great deal if you need some POS like this.

This model is actually $2800 new (Amazon.com)


1,100 for a refurb, oh I’m in for 2!

Does it work with a…ugh, never mind. Too early.

This is a much better projector then the HD20 previous commentors are posting about finding cheaper prices for. The cheapest I see this going for is $1600.

That and the item is refurbished, which is kind of like buying a used car - someone already figured out what was wrong with it and fixed it. The limited warranty is pretty generous, and square trade makes it even sweeter. Less than $1500 for a $3000 projector + warranty is a win, I say.

Yep, I corrected myself up above, probably while you were posting this. Thanks though!

So how much is it? $1099.99 or 10 gold?

Are you going to nuy any? Maybe you could buy the rest so we can move on :slight_smile:

Well, people in Oregon seem to have money to burn…

Will this work on my Mac?

Hey, what’s one man’s POS is another man’s treasure.

LOL No, I can’t afford it. I’m still using an old CRT Panasonic from the 90’s. Thank goodness for the people of Oregon and Massachusetts!

wrong model.
thats the older HD20
this is the TX1080