Optoma 1080p HD Projector

Gah I was waiting all woot off for this and then I had to be driving to work when it went on sale. FAIL!

Same :frowning: I would have totally impulse-bought this!

Okay, fine, I’m lying. I would have gone to impulse-buy it, hesitated at the unnecessarily large button, checked online reviews, agonized over it, decided not to buy it after all, and then switched over to the tab and clicked the enormous button anyway only to find it had already sold out.

Gah and now the text messages from twitter catch up. I got all excited they might be selling more of them.

Your wish is Woot’s command!

There were four - I grabbed the last one. :stuck_out_tongue:

There were four - I grabbed the last one. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, my projector arrived Tuesday, much to my delight! That’s a time span of only 6 days from Woot-off purchase to delivery. I’m impressed.

I’m also impressed with the projector. It’s bright (too bright for the small room used for testing) and sharp, as expected.

One rather unexpected feature is how the remote control/laser pointer also acts as a mouse if the projector’s USB port is hooked to the PC (an ASUS EeePC in this case). Makes for easy application control using only one device (the remote) rather than a separate mouse too.

One problem has already cropped up and may require warranty service. While using the VGA connector to get video into the Optoma TX1080, I started to see a very slight video noise in the form of horizontal streaks. At first the streaks were almost invisible but over ~60 minutes span the streaks grew worse and worse. Then, without warning, the projector shut off. There was no over-heat warning or other codes indicated in any obvious manner. I hit the remote’s Power button and within a few seconds saw signs of life as the HID lamp restruck and started glowing.

I want to do more testing using an entirely different computer (still using VGA input) to see if this streaking can be reproduced. If so, back it goes.

Lots of potential here - will do what’s necessary to get it running right.

Anyone else with this same model care to add comments?