Optoma 150 Lumen WVGA LED Projector

**Item: **Optoma 150 Lumen WVGA LED Projector
Price: $159.99
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Condition: New

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@150 lumens good luck getting a visible image.


Can documents be projected from a laptop?

I bought this projector in a Woot Plus sale a while ago. I LOVE it. The picture is actually quite decent–I have been using it as my tv in my sublet over the summer. I project it to about the size of a 48 to 52 inch tv and find the colors and sharpness to be decent even when the room lighting is not completely dark (read: dim). I have it set up with my Roku, and it works perfectly with that. I used it combined with a bluetooth speaker recently to have a Rifftrax movie night and it worked very well. Every was surprised at how good the picture was.

Pros: super easy to set up and use, really good picture, sharp images, very quiet (I don’t notice the fan at all). Portable and light. Works well with the Roku.

Cons: picture is not HD quality, the sound is not the greatest (although I find setting it to Treble in the sound options menu helps). I could not get it to play streaming content from my iPod touch (2nd gen), which is only an issue as I try to figure out how I’m going to watch the Tour de France this year. I wish it had a headphone jack, it’s the only element I really like to have on all my AV equipment.

I think the key is having realistic expectations. It’s not an HD tv and you will have to fiddle a little bit with the focus to get the picture where you want it. Trying to project a huge image might blur some details. For my needs and wants, this projector is just perfect. I use it almost daily.

At the price this is a really good deal. It’s not an expensive home theater projector. It’s a light small unit for kids, or camping, or hotel rooms, or whatever. If that’s what you want, buy it.

This is a surprisingly awesome projector. Had our doubts when we purchased it, but we’ve used it everyday for almost 2 years and the image it projects remains movie theater-like. Pros: Very lightweight and portable, image is surprisingly very crisp and clear (and just 150 lumens). iPhone (not 5) and IPod dock is awesome (note: it will only project what’s on your videos, don’t expect that it will project anything else from your iPod or iPhone like the Apps or a Giant dialing pad). The projector is also whisper quiet (make sure u clean the projector vents at least once a week, don’t let dust accumulate on your projector). Price of this projector on Woot is unbeatable so I bought another one for the heck of it. Cons: Speakers are not loud enough at 8 Watts each and there is no input for external speakers. But there is a solution to this. You can connect a blu ray or DVD player that has a headphone or speaker jack (Or just connect your laptop). Connect a connector from the headphone jack to your stereo (PC In) or to an external Speakers.
Overall, you won’t regret purchasing this projector.

Yes - through the VGA input. You would need to use a standard VGA to VGA cable.

thinking about buying…

worried about dealing with woot if need to return. although they owned by amazon they are a lot more difficult to deal with than amazon.

Most new laptops as well as desktop PC’s now have an hdmi out, so you can project video + audio with just one cable :slight_smile:

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I too bought this projector from woot about a year ago. I figured it would be something my nephews could use to play video games and to watch movies on camping trips. It was much better than I thought it would be. This is an average projector at a crappy projector’s price. If you are thinking about buying it…DO IT. You wont be disappointed for the price.

The only issue I had is that you cant adjust/tilt the angle of the screen. You have to move the projector itself. Not a big deal but something to keep in mind.

I bought this last week and got it in yesterday. Shipping was fine, nothing was broken and all is good. However, on the box it says 75 LED Lumen instead of 150 Lumen advertised. Am I missing something here?

For those who have bought this similar item, did yours say 75 LED lumen?

That’s strange. The Optoma page says 150 lumens.

Does the unit itself say GT200? I’m wondering if it’s the right unit in the wrong box (they did make a 50 lumen projector that was identical at one time). We’ve sold these numerous times and I haven’t seen any reports of this.

If you have any concerns and want to return it, feel free to contact support@woot.com.

It might be worth a call to Optoma? Maybe?

The box has GT200 as model number. However, the description has 75 LED Lumen as the brightness. It could be just this one particular unit. See the pic below


Edit: added image

Crap, I messed up your URL for the image. I’m so sorry. I did a cut instead of a paste.

We have forwarded it to Optoma to see what’s up. Does the unit itself give any indication to the lumens?

If you’re at all worried, feel free to email support@woot.com and see about returning it for another one.