Optoma 2800Lm 1080p Full 3D Home Theater Projector

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Optoma 2800Lm 1080p Full 3D Home Theater Projector
Price: $649.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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A handful of perfect reviews over at bhphotovideo.com and check out this thorough review over at trustedreviews.com

I use this projector daily. I’m using it right now! It’s my monitor, TV and gaming display on a 120" screen. 3D is great and you can use it with cheap DLP Link glasses. I have 2800 hours on it and it’s still going strong. It’s on for a few hours a day. It’s important to not keep turning it off and on. If it won’t be off more than an hour, just leave it on and save the stress of firing up the bulb. I paid almost twice as much. If I had the money right now, I’d buy a second one!

I own this projecter and LOVE it. I also use it for TV and Gaming on a big screen as well. I didn’t think I would like or use the 3d but I was wrong. It’s very cool in the home on a 100" screen. I use cheapo $15 3d glasses I purchased off Amazon.

Bought this on in November of 2013. I replaced another Optoma projector that blew up after many years of service. This is our daily TV and is great! Can watch this with all the lights on in the room. 3D is great, I went with OEM RF based glasses which let you watch at any viewing angle, amazing. Of course I paid a grand for it and would also by another one for outdoor movie nights but can’t right now.

I don’t have this projector, but I did buy the HD80 when the HD20/HD80’s were constantly coming up on Woot a few years back. All in all, for the price, I’m 100% satisfied. (Mine was a refurb also.)

I have hundreds of hours on it and other than one service call, it’s been fairly flawless. I had a SquareTrade warranty on it, so that helped.
I won’t comment about the actual issue I still have because I have an older model.
I’m just here to say that I believe the Optoma’s are great projectors for a fantastic price!

(133" wall projection here. I also recommend ScreenGoo. It’s expensive, but makes a noticeable difference if projecting on a wall. Otherwise, for a screen on the cheap, you can go to WalMart and get some very nice bright white fabric and have a >100" screen for under $10. Just make sure it’s pulled tight to alleviate wrinkles.)

Since it seems to be missing from the specs, I’ll mention the rated bulb life (a very important consideration for a projector).

Optoma rates the bulb at 3500 hours in max mode, and 6000 hours in eco mode.

That’s pretty good, and will mean at least two years of service (unless of course you’re running this thing 24x7).

Looking at B&H Photo, a replacement bulb is about $160, which is fairly typical for a projector in this class.


Never mind, I can’t read. It is is the specs, just somewhat buried.

–edit 2–

One thing that definitely isn’t in the specs is the power consumption in “max” mode. The 190 watt figure is for eco mode. In max mode, it consumes around 260 watts, according to Optoma’s own datasheet.

Projectors are power-hungry devices. Combine them with a good sound system, and you’ll want to be sure it’s not on an overloaded circuit.

I’m sure this is a dumb question: you need another piece of equipment to watch tv on this, right?

Maybe. There’s no TV tuner in this model, and I’m not aware of any projectors that do have tuners in them.

If you’re on cable, just plug your cable box in via HDMI (though you may need to relocate it).

If you’re an over-the-air viewer, you’ll need something like Samsung’s ATSC tuner to convert the over-the-air signal to HDMI. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-DTBH260F-HDTV-Terrestrial-Receiver/dp/B000JV6TQY

If you’re Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go person, then just plug your PC/Roku/streaming device in via HDMI.