Optoma 3000Lm 720p Full 3D DLP Projector

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Optoma 3000Lm 720p Full 3D DLP Projector
Price: $349.99
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4.7 Stars over at Amazon

Does it really need the active shutter glasses? We just use the regular 3D glasses you get at the movie theater on my TV (no batteries required) and I don’t want to have to buy new glasses…

Yes you do need the active shutter glasses. Your TV is probably way more expensive than this projector.

Let’s talk about this projector. At the last place I worked, we bought 3000Lm monitors for meetings. They did well in conference rooms and larger meeting rooms without needing the room to be completely dark.

So what’s your thoughts on the specs. What size room would this work well in?

If you want to send me one, I’ll be happy to write up a review on how it works with a Xbox. :wink:

My brother and our sons had a “guys’ game night” this past weekend. I borrowed a 3500 Lumen Dell HD project to hook up to a Xbox One via HDMI. The screen was playable with modest ambient light, but was much better when it got darker. I’d probably look for higher Lumens, if doesn’t break the bank.

My son was very enamored with the projector. He’s considering saving his own money for one. I guess I better make sure to keep him off Woot today. :slight_smile:

you only need the 3d glasses of course to watch 3D content. for the best experience use active DLP link glasses so you get the full 1080p source for each eye.

  1. Does this support ceiling mount?

2)what distance from screen is necessary to project a 100 inch diagonal 4:3 image?

To be fair, active 3D is higher quality than passive. I have a passive 3D TV and active 3D projector and the projector’s 3D quality is pretty mindblowing compared to my TV.

(I believe the logic is that passive actually halves the resolution, because it splits the screen into two sections, right and left or top and bottom. Active alternates frames, so each frame left or right is the full resolution.)

I don’t know if this will help you however, here are some specs:

Have an outdoor screen… will this projector do the job?