Optoma 3D-RF Rechargeable Glasses

I’m waiting for the 4D version to come out.

I have tried SO MANY ANSWERS.


Same I just gave up…

this symbol * means times right?


They were not clear if each item in parentheses is its own clue. Or if spaces are symbols. Or if the /offer/23234234234 counts too and needs to be added in.

I’ve tried everything and can’t win. I even copy pasted into word and systematically deleted to use word count to get accurate values. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a wrong answer.

Anybody get this yet? Wondering if I need to keep poking at it.

im not sure but I don’t think so. its really hard

This is nuts! I’ve tried without the /offers/8c77dd53a2c14d078dca32891c373ecf to calculate my answer, tried with it, and I’ve tried adding my own…www.woot.com to it. I can’t figure this out.

I cant figure it out either

I must be missing something in this clue. I’ve been using Excel to generate URLs and count the vowels and consonants. And have been counting symbols with and without the spaces, counting the symbols as “pairs” instead of singular, trying all counts with and without the /offers/ portion…

…and after 119 combinations (some of it brute force), I think I need a break.

If someone gets this, PLEASE post it. For my sanity’s sake.

Alright, I quit, too. 25578 is my answer and I’m sticking to it.

Well, there goes an hour of my life. At least I take solace in knowing I’m not the only one anal enough to play around on Excel.

Still no luck for me. Can someone sanity check the numbers I’ve been playing around with?

Bits in offer:
(()"")("") 12
oeiiueeuiooaiiueiuioiiue 24
VwlsnthsclxcldngyCnsnntsnthsclncldngySymblsnthscl 49

Bits in URL
// 2
oeaae 5
ffrscddcddcccf 14

Numbers and spaces:
8775321407832891373 19
13 spaces

I have not checked the spaces, but I’m playing with the same numbers as you. I even tried using “125” as the number of symbols (since letters and numbers are technically symbols).

Tried making a java program and the program still gives me the same number of consonants and vowels that I’ve counted. There’s something fishy going on with this one, or we’re all missing something totally…I say the first lol

I ended up adding one more to everything because the words “vowels” “consonants” and “symbols” are one more vowel/consonant/symbol. Sort of like that how many triangles in this puzzle crap.

My wife is going to kill me.

No BoC for me yet.

LOL, I was just about the post the same thing. That would certainly be dirty pool. I think I give up on this one. Good luck, all.

I tried all of the combinations I could think of with those digits… it seems to be none of these: 14112 18432 17052 22272
16464 21504 19894 25984
29400 38400 35525 46400
36456 47616 44051 57536
38808 50688 46893 61248
31752 41472 38367 50112
51744 67584 62524 81664
54096 70656 65366 85376