Optoma 4K Smart Home Theater Projector

Optoma 4K Smart Home Theater Projector

4K (pronounced ForK)

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Projector Central has lots of info if you are/may be susceptible to rainbows

Been a while since I did any reading about projectors so I could be wrong
Personally I have always had LCD projectors

I bought the Optoma HD27 from Woot a couple weeks ago, and I’m seeing constant rainbows.
I had an older DLP, Planar 7130, where I rarely saw rainbows. It has an RGBRGB color wheel.

I wish I waited for this projector with the RGBRGB. I regret buying the HD27.

Woot! has a 30 day return policy and you can contact them… maybe.
Ask nicely and maybe your wish will be granted?

Anyone know the warranty on these refurbished projectors. Is warranty through Optoma or Woot?

Hello there. We show the warranty at the bottom of the features. This has a 90-day Optima warranty.