Optoma DLP PlayTime Projector

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Let’s check out the product page

Let’s check out a video [youtube=J9ctdMkIefo][/youtube]

This projector has been a sturdy addition to my gaming equipment, it’s really great for older systems. This is a versatile option for gaming on the go. The built in speaker is solid for casual gaming but does not offer the option to split audio directly from your device, but this is an issue you can easily overcome with a few additions to your video setup.

The projector itself is sturdy, it has been traveling with me for almost 3 years now and despite being dropped several times I’ve never had any issues with it at all. My only real major complaints are that this projector requires a dark room to really enjoy, and that it’s lack of input options makes it somewhat difficult to use with newer consoles.

Could somebody please tell me if I could hook this up to use as an outside projector on a screen when we go camping? That’s mainly what we’d use it for - that and the usual watching movies at home on the wall. :slight_smile: Thank you

You need a 120 volt power Source. Unit is not Battery operated.

Anyone have a vga to hdmi solution to hook this up to a PS3? I’m wondering how I’ll keep sound intact, as well as get the best picture possible?

I have this projector and use the converter here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003O55U8K.

Works perfectly. I plug my Chromecast into the converter, then VGA to the projector.

The converter also allows you to split the audio from the HDMI, so you don’t have to use the small in-unit speaker.

Look at the product page. – optional distance, 3 feet, optional screen size, 11x20 inch, optional ambient light, near zero

Anyone have a website that will help me find the right projector screen size? It will sit front projection about 10-11 feet back.

Nevermind, I found this beautiful site:

I need to add this comment for posterity: I ordered this Optoma Playtime projector and Woot sent me a completely different projector. In its stead, they sent an Optoma pico projector, the PK100, which frankly is a piece of ****. It appears to be rated for 11 lumens, doesn’t seem to be able to focus from more than two feet away from the projected surface, and of course has fewer connection options with just a composite input cable.

I contacted Woot support and they told me they were all out of the other projectors and that they’d send me the return shipping information and I’d get a refund. I sure hope that refund includes the initial shipping, but I’m betting that it doesn’t.

I’m certainly going to think twice about ordering anything from Woot in the future.

Not many comments so far. Mine was delivered 11/13 looks as new and works great in a dark room, have watched three movies on the wall at about 80" and looks pretty good. I needed a new TV for the great room and never had a projector so I am testing this one and think I might Woot the next HD projector that Woot has to offer. I will be testing it out tonight with some PS3 games.

Need help connecting this Optoma PT100 to a Macbook Pro. Bought it specifically for this use. Followed all instructions of changing display settings > arrangement > mirror displays, but Mac still does not detect the Optoma.

I’m not a mac person but a bit of googling said there should be a Detect Displays in the Display Settings section.

If that doesn’t work, you might contact Optoma for some help.

Done and done. So the Optoma worked with a dvd player using an RCA cable. But when attached to a pc using VGA, it didn’t.