Optoma Full-HD 3D Home Theater Projector

Excellent reviews with 4.5 star avg
[not sure if above link is accurate, this one has more reviewers]

Lots of good comments from when this was offered in February

VERY short bulb life $$$$

Are you confusing the bulb warranty with bulb life?

$999.99 tonight
Product page

including manual

and quick start guide

Maybe at half the price, but for that price it isn’t worth it I can get a 55 or 60 inch led that won’t require bulb replacement for 1000.

If you’re going to make a criticism, at least do some research first. The bulb is $249 on Optoma’s site. You can find them for a little less elsewhere.


Having said that, I have owned this projector since it came out. Love the features and quality of picture. The 3D is really good. What I don’t love is the build quality and how Optoma handles the warranty. I have had several failures with Optoma projectors and they have a lackadaisical attitude about repair. The Dell projector I had prior to them failed once and they offered cross-shipping if I was willing to put up a credit card as insurance.

This one and some competing models, along with reviews:

Get an Epson LED FP. Best warranty and service in the industry, super quiet. I use mine as a regular TV and the lamps last forever. Got over 4,000 hrs. on one. When you compare the image quality on a 110" diagonal with what you would have to pay for bulky set, it’s a no brainer. Lamps cost around $200, but be sure and get a factory OEM lamp, NOT a knockoff. Knockoffs do not last.

Thomas wasn’t saying that the bulbs cost $1000, he was saying that he could get a 50- or 60-inch LED (which doesn’t require bulb replacement) for that price.

I had been planning on getting this, but they just released the HD-25LV that has a much better contrast ratio, and a brand new one is only a few hundred more than this refurb.

I am sure this is cracking good - but my experience has all been with Mitsubishi projectors, and boy they are built to last - with an exemplary picture too. I have a 720p from about 5 years ago, that I use for gaming and movies - and the picture is still amazing after about 3000 hours, and not a hiccup yet. The other reviewers from Amazon seem to agree.

Again, did not want to hijack the thread - but wanted to mention this choice as well

The 1080p 3D Benq W1070 is $975 NEW from Amazon, brighter, and has longer lamp life.

I have a W1070 and would highly recommend it. It is hard to beat for the money.

Lamp Life and Type:

4000/3000 hours (STD/bright) 230W Osram

That’s not much for a bulb.

The Benq 1070 new is $1000
I’ve read nothing but great reviews of that projector.

IMO better deal than this refurbed unit

Back to this projector - am I right in thinking I’ll have to buy the glasses separately? And do I need to buy a screen, or will a cream semi-matte painted wall do the trick?

After exhaustive research I bought the HD33 Last year just in time for the Superbowl. ProjectorCentral gave this an Editor’s Pick which means it is one of the best in its category. I have a 150" HD Screen that we use as our main display. This is by far the best projector I have ever owned. The quality of the image and the true 1080P 3D picture is amazing. I have clocked over 2000 hours on it and the bulb is going strong. I paid around $1500 for it but it was still worth it. Good luck finding a 150" LED TV for under a grand.


Hey all, we thought there were too many 9’s in the price so we lowered it to $899.99.

As usual, if you already purchased it before the price change, the difference will magically appear back in your bank, credit card, or whatever.

Now go buy one.

Perhaps too many 8s too. Maybe 799 or 699 for this to make it a wootceptional deal. 899 is amazonceptional.