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Distance calculator. No, I haven’t fully tried it yet.

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The Prisoner series was awesome.

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New for $899 at Costco

Want also but no way I would by a projector with only a 90day warranty. Price of bulbs are way too much. Bulb goes out say in 6 months then your looking at another $250 too replace the bulb.

I love my IN72 that I got a couple years from woot but to replace the bulb it’s going to cost me over $250. Everything else in the electric world has come way down in price, tv’s, computers, even projectors but for some reason the bulbs stay the same price.

This appears to be a rebranded HD20. Costco sales it. There are a few slight spec differences between the 180 and the 20 but for all we know it may be the exact same model.

I bought an Optoma projector (720p) a couple years ago. After 91 days it died. Guess when the manufacturers warranty ran out? When I opened it up I found a cheap little 80mm fan. The plastic inside was cracking from the excess heat.

1700 lumens explains the price. Good luck seeing a quality picture if you have a window.

$1,399.95 + $18.45 shipping at Amazon


Seems to have great reviews on Amazon:
Amazon Product Link & Reviews

`1080p projectors from dealnews
Where is the model number for this woot??


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    Optoma HD20 1080p DLP Projector for $919 + free shipping
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AND…Costco extends the manufacturers warranty for an extra year, so you get a two year warranty for that extra 150. I’m still giving this one thought. I’ve got an old infocus that I bought refurbished from Office Depot on Black Friday 2004 and it’s still running on the original bulb and has been my bedroom TV for that long. My boss has the HD71 and it’s very quiet and has a great picture. I recommend Optoma as a brand for sure. The question I ask myself: is the two year warranty from Costco worth an additional 150?

Still 1080p for cheapest I’ve ever seen but at 1700 lumen you probably need almost total dark room to be able to get the full effect and a real screen.

Research before you buy!

That’s the HD20 - according to this forum, there are some differences.

You said it sounded Chinese (I notice that comment now edited out). Looks like it started in Shanghai in 2002 before merging with Coretronic:


Model HD180 - just to the right of the picture at the top of the item page.

I can’t find any expert reviews for this model. Here are some for a couple of other models, just to give some idea about the company:

HD20 - closest match

HD20 at PCmag

HD20 at projector central

HD20 YouTube review video

HD65 at TestFreaks

HD80 at Projector Central

They may not have a review of the HD180 at Projector Central, but you can input the model into this Projection Calculator and answer questions such as “Will your projector fit the available space? What about your screen? What about seating and room lighting?”

This is one of three models I looked at when buying my home theater, and if I hadn’t already purchased one (I went with a Mitsubishi that offered a free extra bulb) I’d be buying this one right now.

I like that it has 2 HDMI ports along with other connections, so if you don’t have an AV receiver with lots of HDMI ports, you can still get by.

As mentioned earlier, bulbs are not cheap. This is good for watching movies and impressing your friends with massive Rock Band 3 sessions, but it’s not so great for people that like to just leave the TV on all day for background noise. Do make sure you turn this one off after you’re done watching.

You don’t need a special screen. A wall will work fine, or in our case, a stretched canvas.

It also causes interesting problems for Wii and the new motion-sensing video game owners. Your AV equipment is probably all behind you in order to project, but your camera and Wii sensor have to be in front of you. Also standing up blocks you from viewing your screen in most cases. Keep that in mind, all you motion-loving video game players.

Man, I wish this deal had been posted a couple months ago…