Optoma HD 1080P Home Theater Projector

I have owned two Optoma HD series projectors which have performed great for me. They are constantly rated among the top at Projector Central and usually lead the ‘Bang for the Buck’ category. I currently own an HD70 and am thinking very seriously about buying this one as an upgrade to true 1080p.

I was going to buy a cheap 60" plasma for the basement… but now this has me thinking. I know nothing about projectors though… would I be happier?

If you’re able to spend $650 on a refurbished one, just do yourself a favor and spend the extra $350 on a new one.

If you do decide to buy one, new or refurbished, consider the cost of ongoing maintenance. Replacement lamps cost $200-$300 each.

Double rainbow

I bought this projector for twice this price about a year and a half ago. While it’s definitely the best projector out there in its price range (at least is was when I bought it…I haven’t looked at any newer projectors since) it only took 7 months for the bulb to give out. The frustrating thing is, the picture WILL come on for about a minute, then it goes black with several error lights on the top of the projector, which the manufacturer told me means that the bulb is done for, and it costs $350 for a new one. I have yet to replace it, so I don’t know if my problem was an isolated incident, but I’m moved not to trust them on longevity at this point.

Most of the Optoma HD series are aimed for home theater. You will find lower lumens but higher contrast ratio. The video processor in these are also a lot better than presentation based projectors. Since they are home theater based, they do not have speakers.

Well If you have a light controlled room and a good audio setup you will love it.

Good deal! I’m in for three.

I went for it… figure I can buy a replacement bulb and a screen for what I was going to pay for a plasma and have more wow factor. Already have a home theatre… my tv speakers never play anyway. Hope I made the right move!

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Ugh, why do all inexpensive DLPs have to have ridiculous offsets? I’d like to upgrade to 1080, but this wouldn’t even fit in my room.


You forgot leakfrogs

Oh yeah - nice .

Everyone needs a six pack of these on the day after the most expensive day of the year. LOL

The DLP camp will scream bloody murder, but I haven’t been impressed by any single-chip DLP compared to modern LCD projectors. My advice is to see a demo first before buying. Buying one sight unseen is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Actually, it’s on my list…but I didn’t want to put ‘11 Leak Frogs Leaking!’

I DID give a pair as a gift today!

I bit, Hope my roommates will be happy with a 300" 1080p!

I still have a 92" screen from a woot years back. Hope they pair up

And suddenly, my 70" TV seems So inadequate!

Fun how Projectors and a 7.2 system can do that to someone =)

gotta 1 up my buddy who just got a 65" Vira Plasma

If I had the OPTOMA HD60 (I think…it was their 720p model)

and I saw alot of rainbow effects making me get a LCD one…

what would make this new 1080p different to where I may not see rainbow effects?


I own it, I like it, and I paid full price for it on Amazon. Way brighter than my last (Woot) Optoma HD60 720p DLP projector, and naturally, the 1080p is sweet. I’m throwing mine on an 80" screen mounted across from the foot of our bed. It’s fine even with a light on in the room, as long as none are shining directly on the screen. It could easily work as well with a MUCH larger screen. As with all projectors, the bulbs are insanely expensive, so unless this refurb comes with a fresh bulb I’d be a bit wary and be prepared to pony up the funds to have a spare on hand.