Optoma HD 1080P Home Theater Projector

Is this any good?
Yeah 1st

this would go good with the 25 ft hdmi cords on sell earlier this week


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Here’s the manual

$1,399.95 + $18.45 shipping at Amazon


I can’t find any expert reviews for this model. Here are some for a couple of other models, just to give some idea about the company:

HD20 - closest match

HD20 at PCmag

HD20 at projector central

HD20 YouTube review video

HD65 at TestFreaks

HD80 at Projector Central

They may not have a review of the HD180 at Projector Central, but you can input the model into this Projection Calculator and answer questions such as “Will your projector fit the available space? What about your screen? What about seating and room lighting?”

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Refurb… Ill pass

I bought this in the last wootoff, and it is amazing. I’m projecting onto a 120" screen in full 1080p.

2 HDMI inputs (no sound though, so you’ll need a receiver and speakers), and multiple brightness settings. This is the best price I’ve seen. Costco has one for 899 right now. Same model.

Great deal.

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We don’t have $649+ to spend on a projector!

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They sold one to Arizona!

Seems like this one is sticking around for a while

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this is a legit projector. i have the hd20 from costco, which is the same as this projector. even all my friends are impressed with its brightness (when the bright mode is not enabled), and the projected image is impeccably sharp. if you have the cashola and have been looking for a 1080p projector, you should do it.

Ahhh, finally I can go and take a snooze for awhile. This ain’t selling out anytime soon.