Optoma HD 1080p Home Theater Projector

“Choose the HD20 or HD180. What’s the difference? Uh, not a thing near as we can tell.”

Clearly the difference is 160.

The perfect place to evacuate your bowels is in a bag. That would give you a true ‘bag of crap’.

yes, some things list for longer times than others, but selling does not stop until the woot off is over!

Is there a reason you guys are actually knocking a good deal?

900 on Amazon, but that’s new not refurb

Amazon’s cheapest is 1,100. What a deal

yes they do

I bought one of these over a year ago…works great and has a great picture. Play Xbox and watch football games on a 100" screen…I paid $850 back then…

yes they do
it started at midnight and its still going
looks like 3 sold out of 10


$900 new on NEWEGG. 4 star avg review


Nobody has purchased three of these?

Yes, and it is always a bag of coal. All night, every night.

This way you can participate in woot-offs projected in full HD on the side of a building

No $600 ideas for me until after the holidays! maybe in jan woot!

You offer the HD33 for that price & I’ll buy 2!

I’ll bet there are 14 of em

The rich are getting richer…we hope. And we hope they are watching woot! and need projectors!

Nooo, there are too many confusing numbers in here already.

They dont want to be identified as the 1%.

(Occupy Woot!)