Optoma HD 1080p Home Theater Projector



I love cats . . . . taste like chicken

Yes, there used to be GREAT ones. Sorry you missed out.

All this woot-off is missing is like 12 Dysons…

How do these compare to the Acer® H5360?

hard to eat an entire one by yourself though.

I don’t agree. But, all the good stuff has been posted when I’m asleep. ;(

Dont overthink this…the math is easy:


  • HD20

= 60

(emoticon added for the benefit those who still think that I’m serious)

This my first woot off and I am very happy with the great selection and prices so much that i have yet to buy something!

Thanks wooT! SMDH!

Do the Bags of Crab-apple just suddenly appear? Even before a sale is over?

They’ve already had two or three…what’s missing is roombas, leakfrogs (yes, I know they were on another of their websites yesterday), and FUN.

Best video ever…


Ah - you must be getting the “Hungry Man” portion

Yep. They used to be fairly predictable when w00t was new, but now they just pop up whenever someone feels like a doughnut break.

I hope they only have a couple of these…


And now for something completely different…The Red-footed Booby


I would take that challenge, sir or maam…whichever

I project that someone will really want to buy 12 of these.