Optoma HD25-LV 3D Home Theater 1080 Projector

I have had one of the Optoma HD25-LV 3D since it came out. Runs solid, very bright and 3D works really well!

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How bright is “very bright”? I have an epson 3D projector that’s quadruple the price and I think it’s worth every penny at 2,400 lumens and 600,000:1 contrast ratio. Even the most expensive projector on this deal is 2/3 as bright and 25,000:1 contrast ratio. These projectors are good as a secondary TV, a game room TV, or for people where image quality isn’t as important as price and convenience of placing the projector and screen wherever they like. Make sure you get blackout curtains, and a high-contrast screen might not be a bad idea. You can make your own from stuff at Home Depot if you have a projector with good enough specs, but for these you’ll need a real screen.

If you bothered to read the specs, this one blows away your “quadruple price” projector’s lumens. This one is 3,200 lumens, yours is only 2,400. Read the Amazon reviews, this thing is solid and you will not need blackout curtains because of the higher brightness.

Your knowledge of projectors is clearly lacking. It looks like you’ve probably done a little bit of research and bought your projector. The rest is just you regurgitating what you have seen written elsewhere.

Not sure where you are seeing such low lumen output for these PJ’s. The specs suggest otherwise. And the contrast ratios are nothing to laugh at either. Sure, 600,000:1 is great… but not nearly noticeable enough to justify the price difference for most consumers.

These projectors will be just fine in nearly anyone’s home theater. Sure, it’s not a $20k projector… but I can say with certainty that your average user wouldn’t know the difference. Hell, I’m pretty far past your average A/V user and I’d have a tough time justifying spending quadruple the money when you can get these Optoma PJ’s in the same class as your Epson at this price. You can certainly make your own screen and it will be plenty bright. If you do some research at AVS forum there are plenty of different paint mixtures and substrates to paint on that have different effects.

The Features tab for this Woot was blatantly false. There were numerous references to a wireless HDMI as follows:

“Eliminate lengthy HDMI cable runs with the included WHD200 Wireless HDMI System.”

“Eliminate the need to run long HDMI cables from your Xbox One, PS4, Blu-ray player or HDTV settop box with the included WHD200 Wireless HDMI System.”

“The WHD200 is a state of art wireless HDMI system that supports wireless streaming of Full HD 1080p video with 5.1 channel digital audio with no compression.”

I certainly did not receive the WHD200 as promised and received unsatisfactory resolution from Woot’s customer service.

Did anyone else expect to receive the WHD200 and didn’t?

I did not receive one either. I will be contacting customer service.