Optoma HD32 720p High Definition DLP Projector



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Optoma HD32 720p High Definition DLP Projector
$789.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Optoma HD32 720p HD Projector


i got a new schtick for price bloggery… as requested by the woot bot…useful linkage is useful… and its linkage… its what you do when you’re not sure what to do… its where you go when there’s no place to go… its that place where everybody knows your name… eh… no…its just the spot with the comparison shopping engine links… … all of them.

… though i may expand later… for now, that’s what it is… and i like it.


Well, enough people have been asking for a 720p projector…


I have a similar model Optoma… no problems… works well


Didn’t I just see one of these 720p units for $599? Similar lumens and contrast ratio too. Not sure about the HDMI though.

Found it!

Actually it had a significantly lower contrast ratio, and it has VGA+DVI in instead of HDMI:
bhphotovideo.com link


Some Pricing links, all I could find on Froogle, sorry!



This might give me a sunburn…

How “high definition” is 720p?


Some truly HD projectors. :slight_smile:

Now, if Woot would get their hands on a 1080P projector, I’ll buy one!


this is a good woot.


HD projector what everyone has been crying for. Let’s take bet’s how fast this sells out.


another projector?

I wonder if it’d be possible to mount a projector on a roomba… not only would it be cool to have a moving movie theater (“moving theater”?), but it would also give half the stuff sold on woot some purpose.


I have an HD70 which from what I’m seeing is very similar. Paid $1000 at Best Buy, but its a very good projector, two thumbs up for Optoma.





Woot should define a range price. It’s not gonna work for all people!


Wimper, IT’s HD as a standard.


I have a 720p tv and when connected through the hdmi it is very clear, not too much of a noticeable difference between that and 1080


Unless they have under 750, I bet that it doesn’t sell out at all.


Costco Optoma HD32 DLP™ Home Theatre System