Optoma Neo-i Video Projector & Speaker System for iPhone & iPod

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Optoma Neo-i Video Projector & Speaker System for iPhone & iPod
$219.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Apple haters, go crazy!

CNet gives it a nice review…

50 lumens, is there a candle inside that?

AAAAAAND stop the woot off

looks awesome! but over my woot budget for the day.

I’d say awesome it’ll go with the 15" screen that came with my last Bag of Chipotle, but then I saw it’s $220. I sadz.

Nope, it’s a tiny person chewing on breath mints.

$300 Amazon lots 'o love

I don’t plan to buy this, but I’m having a great time reading the writeup!

There’s 50 of them, will be a bit.

Only one sold so far…

chewing mints? Yes that’s right.

And I thought I had seen every possible accessory for these devices…

Enough HP, Philips, & apple carp. I know it’s hard to give that stuff away, but woot, do you have to try to do it all in day?

How do you know there are 50? mywoot.net shows 90% left. That would equate to about 10…

Wasn’t this a door prize at CES?