Optoma Pico Micro Projector

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Optoma Pico Micro Projector
$179.00 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I thought for sure there would be a few bags o clams thrown our way at midnight…

Is this the new big Amazon contribution? We see stuff recycled and re-recycled all day??? I’ve been away from woot! post change-over, as I don’t much care for all the new “must buy now” crud, but thought I’d monitor this woot off for fun… I was, apparently, extremely misguided.

Battery Life: Estimated at 90+ Minutes/45min

You may or may not be able to watch the ending of your movie.

My projection is that this thing is worthless.

I have never heard anything good about a pocket projector…

it’s so tiny!

Yeah, Woot has gone downhill recently, and this Woot-off is a good example.

Say bye bye to free shipping.

whats pico micro? is it 10^-12 * 10^-6?

One problem with deals like this is the big yellow button says “I want one”. Not “I have money I don’t need.” or “I have a use for it.”. Because lets face it, we’d all love to toy around with a pico projector for at least a little bit.

Oy, time for bed. If I want one of these, I am sure it will still be here in the morning.

Ack! a hundred of these things?

Looks like they sold ONE to someone in Florida. Since it now says “99% left” it looks like it’s gonna be a loooong nite.

20 lumens. I think you have to use this in a cave and watch the image on a 3 x 5 card.

never had it, there was nothing worthwhile to buy today

20 lumens…well, I guess if you like projecting inside of a closet…this will be perfect.

This is definately not for watching movies! It’s for showing Powerpoint presentations to people who are probably sleeping or playing Words with Friends…

It’s not a 3x5, but it works. :smiley: