Optoma Pico Pocket DLP Projector

3.5 star average on Amazon

I always like reading the writeups for the Pico Pocket Projector.

Only 20 lumens, need a really dark room!

I’ll make myself useful.



I do not understand the need to project things at a moment’s notice. I imagine someone walking down the street, coming across a traffic accident, whipping out his smartphone and hooking up the pocket projector.

Yes, our hero has saved the day by projecting a map of alternate routes on the side of a building! Hooray!

But seriously, I don’t get it at all.

I’m not impulsive enough for this one. The tech is cool as hell here but refurb and only $10 cheaper than other refurbs at regular price on teh intarwebs…meh.

2 eggs on Newegg (but only 2 reviews).


Cmon Bag of crap

When did this Woot off start?

Much thanks for the laugh during this Snooze-Off! Although the tech is VERY cool, I also feel as though the need is, well, undefined.

I actually would use this for a side business I run. It is a class I teach where we film participants in certain scenarios and then at the end of class replay the video to re-watch the scenarios and discuss what happens. Sometimes their isn’t a television readily available, so this would be awesome.

The brightness worries me a bit though.

Several Youtube reviews:

Optoma PK201 Pico Pocket Projector Review

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector: First Look Review


If you’re giving sales pitches or presentations on the road a lot, this would be very useful and much easier to carry than a full size projector and laptop. Plus you could show everyone your mad Angry Birds skills on the sidewalk.

Dark Room, you need to be next to a BlackHole.

I’m done being useful. Please enjoy this picture of a cat eating cake.


True, but the shear number of pocket projectors I see on woot (and elsewhere) makes me think that there are secret clubs… Projection Clubs… that meet in dark alleys and show off something, I don’t know what. Because the first rule of Projection Club is…

Well I’ve said too much already.

I lost it when he said “The FCC has ranked this Class A which is amazing!”

What exactly makes that amazing?