Optoma Pico Pocket LED Projector


is that a projector in your pocket or you just happy

What the?!?!?

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Can you stick the PC Matic disc in this?

I’m stunned and disgusted that enough people bought the CD from before to make a new Woot-Off.

I’m off to bed.


I usually have nothing against refurbs, but refurb projector = unknown bulb life.

Pico Pocket Projector, love the alteration

Saw one of these in action. ok for on the go, but not a “real” projector.


Not a bad price. $399.99 new at Walmart.com.

It’s an LED bulb, don’t generally have to worry too much about the life on them.

We go from cheap crap that nobody wants to expensive crap that nobody can afford…

Once again…


No suckers yet? wow, hard sell here.

AVS forum nerds can not save this one. 1080i? Can you get that with dialup or do you need one of those new ISDN lines?

50 lumens is really weak, my modernity priced flashlight puts out double that.


I think these are neat. Wish I could afford it.

This seems like a pretty bomb deal, even if the lumens are on the weak side. Here’s what I’d do if I had one of these: hire a really fat prostitute with a huge pale rear end and have her stand in front of the couch or at the foot of my bed. Then I’d project whatever movies or games I wanted on to her backside. (She’s gotta be fat because I have a lot of wide screen movies.)