Optoma Pico Travel Projector



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Optoma Pico Travel Projector
$218.99 + $5 Standard OR $17 One-Day OR $13 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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What’s with all the projectors? Who uses these things?


this has to at least be the fourth time.


TT, did you see my woot inspired song youtube video i made today?


This projector is actually pretty amazing if you get one that works. I bought one the last time it was on Woot. Worked great for about 10 minutes and then shut down.


Glad to see I was able to go out and buy a new wireless router, and get it set up and running without missing anything critical. Still no Bacon Of Canada.


Please post link!


One down, 49 to go. Good on you, ILoveBecky.

To answer the question “who uses those things,” I would, for two reasons: (1) at work, in meetings in conference rooms that don’t have projection already, and (2) at home to project images from my computer during gaming sessions.

But, 50 lumens is just too weak to be interesting. Small, cheap, bright: choose two.


“Yes, we’ve scoured the nation for bacon-themed novelties, edibles, equipment, and decor to remember the Bacon Boom by. And we’re sprinkling it generously throughout this two-day meme eulogy.”

NOT sprinkling enough WOOT, need more Bacon and/or CRAP


We still use ours!


I use projectors…



All Woot is missing is the theater seating


No, I didn’t. Link? I just woke up about an hour ago.


Here’s my wootalyzer video, enjoy


Daddy-Oh, You must mistake me for a robot
To think that I, could be up for 24hrs non-stop
When I’m bored, I start a drinkin
and now I’ve had one too many
But there you are
Still there you are baby

Lolliepop, made of bacon and maple
To think that I, could have missed such a staple
in the bacon wooting spree, I might consider holding my pee
But there you are,
and I hear your alarm baby

Wootalyzer, wootalyzer, yeah you’re a wootalyzer
oh wootalyzer, yeah, you’re a wootalyzer baby
You, you you are
You you you are

Boy don’t try to freeze-eze-eze
Or I might miss my BOC
Boy don’t try to freeze-eze-eze
Or I might miss my BOC

You got me praying
I don’t see monkies
But you can’t help it

Boy don’t try to freeze-eze-eze
Or I might miss my BOC
Boy don’t try to freeze-eze-eze
Or I might miss my BOC

It’s almost midnight
Don’t want a monkey
But you can’t stop it


me. I own a school.


I always figured it could be fun to project a movie on the ceiling at night to watch before falling asleep.




So it was a good time to take the kids swimming.