Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector with Pico Tri-Fold Screen

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Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector with Pico Tri-Fold Screen
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This looks cool, but I don’t have money for it… T.T

I have an Optoma Pico project (purchased here). It’s really neat as a super-portable solution, but of course it’s not as bright as a full sized unit. On the other hand, you can easily carry the project in a pocket or, more importantly, a small briefcase.


Not super bright…make sure its in darker conditions

WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE THE POCKET PROJECTOR? 60" max and only 10 lumens. Holding out for Optoma PT100 or better.

did i miss the bundle of corndogs?

Half VGA (480x320) fuzzily faking displays up to 800x600.

Equally as Informative… On another note, this is a dandy projector and all.

Let’s hope that thing doesn’t relay his attitude to the Woot monkeys.

Nope. Which means this will probably go into tomorrow.


Ha… screaming monkey…

The draw bridges on castles have not come down as of yet.

It will be cool when pico projectors become standard on cell phones. That will eliminate the tablet and laptop market in one week. Until then these things are about as useful as sought after as zip drives were… just a device waiting for its place in the world.

VGA is old hat

I have the money for this, but it doesn’t look cool.


I’ve been holding out for the optima hd20’s… I got way too excited for this.